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Oxford Handbook of Biblical Narrative (Danna Nolan Fewell) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2018) 9780190915766
Oxford Handbook of Biblical Narrative (Danna Nolan Fewell) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2018) 9780190915766
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Title: Oxford Handbook of Biblical Narrative

Author: Fewell, Danna Nolan

Additional Authors or Contributors: (ed)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2018

Paperback; ISBN: 9780190915766

Volumes: 1; Pages: 656

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Comprised of contributions from scholars across the globe, The Oxford Handbook to Biblical Narrative is a state-of-the-art anthology, offering critical treatments of both the Bible's narratives and topics related to the Bible's narrative constructions. The Handbook covers the Bible's narrative literature, from Genesis to Revelation, providing concise overviews of literary-critical scholarship as well as innovative readings of individual narratives informed by a variety of methodological approaches and theoretical frameworks. The volume as a whole combines literary sensitivities with the traditional historical and sociological questions of biblical criticism and puts biblical studies into intentional conversation with other disciplines in the humanities. It reframes biblical literature in a way that highlights its aesthetic characteristics, its ethical and religious appeal, its organic qualities as communal literature, its witness to various forms of social and political negotiation, and its uncanny power to affect readers and hearers across disparate time-frames and global communities.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Work of Biblical Narrative, Danna Nolan Fewell

Chapter 2 Biblical Narrative Analysis from the New Criticism to the New Narratology, Stephen D. Moore

Chapter 3 Biblical Narrative and the Birth of Prose Literature, Robert S. Kawashima

Chapter 4 New Testament Narrative and Greco-Roman Literature, Austin Busch

Chapter 5 Biblical Historiography As Traditional History, Raymond Person

Chapter 6 Poetry and Biblical Narrative, Tod Linafelt


Chapter 7 Telling and Retelling the Bible's First Story, David M. Gunn

Chapter 8 The Genesis of Identity in the Biblical World, Danna Nolan Fewell and R. Christopher Heard

Chapter 9 The Story of Exodus and Its Literary Kinships, Kenneth Ngwa

Chapter 10 Blood, Death, and the Holy in the Leviticus Narrative, Bryan D. Bibb

Chapter11 Becoming Israel in the Wilderness of Numbers, Adriane Leveen

Chapter 12 Remembering Narrative in Deuteronomy, Brian Britt

Chapter 13 The Conquest of Memory in the Book of Joshua, Ovidiu Creang

Chapter 14 Judging Yhwh in the Book of Judges, Deryn Guest

Chapter 15 (Hi)story Telling in the books of Samuel, Rachelle Gilmour

Chapter 16 The Rule of Death and Signs of Life in the Book of Kings, Keith Bodner

Chapter 17 Narrative Among the Latter Prophets, Patricia Tull

Chapter 18 Divine Rhetoric and Prophetic Silence in the Book of Jonah, Chesung Justin Ryu

Chapter 19 Plural Versions and the Challenge of Narrative Coherence in the Book of Job, Carol A. Newsom

Chapter 20 Reading Ruth, Reading Desire, Stephanie Day Powell, Amy Beth Jones, and Dong Sung Kim

Chapter 21 Bodies, Boundaries, and Belonging in the Book of Esther, Anne-Mareike Wetter

Chapter 22 Warring Words in the Book of Daniel, Terry Ann Smith

Chapter 23 Political Strategy in the Narrative of Ezra - Nehemiah, Donna Laird

Chapter 24 The Patrilineal Narrative Machinery of Chronicles, Julie Kelso

Chapter 25 Time and Focalization in the Gospel According to Mark, Scott S. Elliott

Chapter 26 Narrative Readings, Contextualized Readers, and Matthew's Gospel, Warren Carter

Chapter 27 Witnesses for the Defense in the Gospel of Luke, Abraham Smith

Chapter 28 The Acts of the Apostles, Narrative, and History, Ruben Rene Dupertuis

Chapter 29 The Narrative Identities of the Gospel of John, Francisco Lozada, Jr.

Chapter 30 Shifting Biblical Parables, Robert Paul Seesengood

Chapter 31 Narrative, Metanarrative, and the Letters of Paul Melanie, Johnson-DeBaufre

Chapter 32 Narrative Technique in the Book of Revelation, David Barr


Chapter 33 Plotting Bodies in Biblical Narrative, Jeremy Schipper

Chapter 34 Reading Biblical Women Matters, Judith E. McKinlay

Chapter 35 Adam and the Making of Masculinity, Eric Thurman

Chapter 36 Children in Biblical Narrative and Childist Interpretation, Kathleen Gallagher Elkins and Julie Faith Parker

Chapter 37 Reading Others as the Subject(s) of Biblical Narrative, Robert D. Maldonado

Chapter 38 Animating the Bible's Animals, Ken Stone

Chapter 39 Sex and Sexuality in Biblical Narrative, Dora Mbuwayesango

Chapter 40 Characterizing God in His/Our Own Image, Stuart Lasine


Chapter 41 Reading the Landscape in Biblical Narrative, Norman C. Habel

Chapter 42 Sustenance and Survival in Biblical Narrative, Jennifer Koosed

Chapter 43 Displacement and Diaspora in Biblical Narrative, Martien Halvorson-Taylor

Chapter 44 Narrativizing Empire in the Biblical World, Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. and Tat-siong Benny Liew

Chapter 45 The Social Worlds of Biblical Narrative, Linda Dietch

Chapter 46 The Economic Politics of Biblical Narrative, Roland Boer

Chapter 47 Narrative Deliberations in Biblical Politics, Mark G. Brett

Chapter 48 Biblical Lamentations and Singing the Blues, Daniel Smith-Christopher


Chapter 49 Culture Tricks in Biblical Narrative, Jione Havea and Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon

Chapter 50 Global Thefts of Biblical Narrative, Gerald West

Chapter 51 The Commanding Faces of Biblical Stories, Gary A. Phillips

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