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* Blood of Abel: The Violent Plot in the Hebrew Bible (Mark McEntire) Paperback Book, (Mercer University Press, 1999) 9780865546295
* Blood of Abel: The Violent Plot in the Hebrew Bible (Mark McEntire) Paperback Book, (Mercer University Press, 1999) 9780865546295
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Title: * Blood of Abel: The Violent Plot in the Hebrew Bible

Author: McEntire, Mark

Publisher: Mercer University Press; Publication Date: 1999

Paperback; ISBN: 9780865546295

Volumes: 1; Pages: 196

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Violence in the Bible is a them that has received a tremendous amount of attention in recent years. What has been lacking in many such studies is the kind of sustained exegesis of biblical texts which allows the bible itself to set the agenda. This book attempts to begin with biblical texts and to stay with them long enough to hear what they have to say, rather than using a collection of texts to support an argument. Part I traces the biblical story of Israel, focusing on tests at the turning points of the narrative. Violence enters the human community in the story of Cain and Abel. The thread of violence than runs through the entire biblical narrative. It appears prominently in texts where the status of Israel changes from free persons to slaves to wanderers to land-owning tribes to citizens of a monarchy to citizens of two monarchies to exiles.

The interpretations of these passages expose their violent nature and then ask what they tell us about human violence. They reveal that violence is an inevitable part of human existence, which defies attempts to control it. They illustrate the ways in which violence alters human identity, both of the victims and the perpetrators. Finally, these texts portray an ambiguous role for god in the midst of human violence.

Part 2 examines representative prophetic texts as responses to Israel's violent story, revealing that even these oracles accept the inevitability of violence and ultimately promote it. Even visions of peace and restoration are preceded by violent action which makes way for them. The conclusion looks at ways this concern about violence may have shaped the Hebrew and Christian canons.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Violence in the Bible 1

Pt. I The Narrative Framework of the Biblical Story 15

Ch. 1 Violence Enters the Human Community Genesis 4:1-16 17

Interlude 1 Conflict among Brothers Leads to Captivity 31

Ch. 2 God's People Oppressed by Violence Exodus 1:8-22 35

Interlude 2 Conflict between God and Pharaoh 47

Ch. 3 God's People Liberated by Violence Exodus 11:1-12:39 49

Interlude 3 Conflict in the Wilderness 61

Ch. 4 God's People Acquire Land by Violence Joshua 6:1-27 64

Interlude 4 Tribes in Conflict 75

Ch. 5 God's People Become a Nation Because of Violence 1 Samuel 4:1-22 77

Interlude 5 Conflict over the Throne 89

Ch. 6 God's People Divided by Violence 1 Kings 12:1-20 92

Interlude 6 Conflict with Other Nations 103

Ch. 7 God's People Destroyed by Violence 2 Chronicles 36:15-21 104

Ch. 8 From Beginning to End 115

Pt. II The Prophetic Response to the Biblical Story 127

Ch. 9 The Compassion of God Hosea 11:1-11 129

Ch. 10 The Restoration of God's People Ezekiel 37:1-14 141

Ch. 11 Peace on Earth Isaiah 11:1-9 150

Ch. 12 Conclusions 160

Bibliography 165

Indexes 175
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