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Sell your used books to Dove

Contact us Here sdey@dovebook.com

We buy used academic books in most subject areas, including those not normally sold through our site. We are a one-stop used book buyer with the ability to handle high level academic books in all areas, as well as more popular books.

We buy books in any quantity. Whether you want to free up shelf-space or sell your entire library we are an important resource for you.

For small-medium lists.

* We pay among the highest prices in the industry, usually much higher than a general used bookstore
* We can offer cash or credit as you wish.
* We pay the cost of media-mail shipping unless we specify otherwise

To obtain a quotation on a used book list, remember to specify whether you’ would like cash or trade.

Send a letter of inquiry if you like, or list your books and send it via the mail or as an attachment via email to the address below.

For larger collections, we have several different options and services.

* We remain one of the very few dealers around the world that is capable of handling a high level academic library.
* In some cases we can travel to your location to assess your books.
* We can arrange for the transportation of your books to us from your house or office or both.
* We can sometimes arrange for the sale of your entire library via our institutional contacts.
* Depending on your wishes, we can offer your books grouped and identified as your personal collection.
* We have other plans that can allow you to keep a greater portion of the revenue generated through the sale of your books.

Since there are so many possible options and ways we can be of service with larger libraries the best way to begin is to have some preliminary discussions. Once we have a good idea what and where your books are we can custom tailor a purchase plan to best meet your needs. A simple letter or email will start the process.
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