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Used Books at Dove

We keep an appealing selection of used books on hand which falls into 3 groups:

  1. In-print books -- which we offer at lower prices than new copies, even at our normal discount prices.
  2. Out-of-print, yet standard works still in common use and commonly referenced.
  3. Very rare out-of-print books. Although we are not primarily interested in antiquarian books, there are many classics that are very hard to obtain and we scour the world for these as time and opportunity allow.

All used books are backed by our 7 Day Used Book Return Policy.
You have 7 days to decide if you agree with our condition assessment and description. As book buyers ourselves, we know how hesitant we might be to buy if we couldn't return books if they were not as described. This policy does not apply to used book(s) ordered in error or other non-condition reasons.

We have structured our site so that if someone orders a used book, it disappears to other viewers. This helps to eliminate frustration, and helps to ensure that all the books you see are really available to you.

Occasionally you may see a used book displayed on the site and place it in your shopping cart, yet when you receive your email confirmation, you see that the book you ordered has been cancelled. This is a rare occurrence, but can happen if another shopper has placed an order for the identical book just before your checkout. (This also applies to limited markdown items.)

If you order used books via email you may miss some of the books you want. This is because they continue to be available for sale to others until we can process your order in our office, which might be the next business day. Ordering used books through the web site is the safest way to be sure you get the books you want.
The dates we show for used books is the most recent edition and printing listed.

We put new stock out continually… usually every day.
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