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Corinthian Correspondence (Reimund Bieringer) Paperback Book, (Peeters, 1996) 9789068317749
Corinthian Correspondence (Reimund Bieringer) Paperback Book, (Peeters, 1996) 9789068317749
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Title: The Corinthian Correspondence

Author: Bieringer, Reimund

Publisher: Peeters; Publication Date: 1996

Paperback; ISBN: 9789068317749

Volumes: 1; Pages: 818

List Price in Paper: $81.00 Our price: $64.99

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Table of ContentsZwischen Kintinuitat. Die beiden Korintherbriefe in ihrer Beziehung zueinander / R. Bieringer.Reflections on 1 Corinthians as a Hellenistic letter / R.F. Collins. Die paulinische Ekklesiologie angesichts der Lebenswirklichkeit der christlichen Gemeinde in Korinth / A. Lindemann. Die Argumentation des Paulus in 1 Kor. 1, 10-3,4 / J.S. Vos. La gnose a Corinthe. Questions de methode et observations sur 1 Co 1,17-3,3 / J.-M. Sevrin. The sayings of Jesus in 1 Corinthians / F. Neirynck. Coherence and relevance of 1 Cor. 8-10 / J. Delobel. Einige Hauptprobleme der Diskussion des Herrenmahls im 1. Korintherbrief / W. Schrage. 1 Corinthiens 13. Analyse rhetorique et analyse de structures / C. Focant. The Corinthians who say "There is no resurrection of the dead" (1 Cor 15,12) / C.M. Tuckett. Paul's argument from the Old Testament and christology in 2 Cor 1-9 / S. Hafemann. Abraham und Mose im Streit der Meinungen. boebachtungen und Hypothesen zur Debatte zwischen Paulus und seinen gegnern in 2 Kor 11,22-23 und 3,7-18 / D.-A. Koch. Dangerous boasting. Paul's self-commendation in 2 Cor 10-13 / J. Lambrecht. Paul's journey to Paradise. Some exegetical issues in 2 Cor 12,2-4 / M.E. Thrall. 1 and 2 Corinthians. Paul's use of Exodus in the Corinthian correspondence / C.J.A. Hickling. Knowledge of Christ and knowledge of God in the Corinthian correspondence / V. Koperski. As close to the synagogue as can be. Paul in corinth (Acts 18,1-18) / B.J. Koet. The senders of the letters to the Corinthians and the use of "I" and "We" / E. Verhoef. 1 Corinthians. The "Apostolic form of writing". Group letters before and after 1 Corinthians / D.H. Liebert. The systematic use of the Pentateuch in 1 Corinthians / T.L. Brodie. La premiere ep1tre aux Corinthiens comme document de la tradition apostolique de halakha / P.J. Tomson. LAB 40,4 und die Krise der Weisheit im 1. Korintherbrief / E. Reinmuth. Reflections on [to onoma too kuriou (romanized)] in 1 Corinthians / G. Steyn. Origen on the gorigin of 1 Cor 2,9 / J. Verheyden. the function of Scripture in 1 Cor 5,13b and 6,16 / B.S. Rosner. Controlling the bodies. A theological profile of the Corinthian sexual ascetics (1 Cor 7) / J. Gundry-Volf. "Fornication" and "consession"? Interpreting 1 Cor 7,1-7 / C.C. Caragounis. Ansto?ssige Freiheit in Korinth. Zur Literarkritik der Korintherbriefe (1 Kor 8,1-13 und 11,2-16) / H.-F. Richter. 1 Cor 8,1-6: A rhetorical Partitio. A contribution to the coherence of 1 Cor 8,1-11,1 / J.F.M. Smit. Theology and Christology in 1 Cor 8,4-6. A contextual-redactional reading / A. Denaux. The Old Testament background to 1 Cor 10,7-8 / B.J. Koet. [koinonia too aimaatos too Christo (romanized)] (1 Kor 10,14-22) / N. Baumert. Peut-on reconstituer le texte primitif de la Cene? (1 Co 11,23-26 par. Mc 14,22-26) / J.-M. Van Cangh. Paul's use of a resurrection tradition in 1 Cor 15,20-28 / M.C. De Boer. Jesus' resurrection as the beginning of the eschatological resurrection / J. Holleman. 1 Kor 15,51-52. Ein neuer Losungsvorschlag zu einer alten Schwierigkeit / S. Schneider. -2 Corinthians. "Physician, heal thyself"? Paul's character as revealed in 2 Corinthians / N.M. Watson. Der Apostolat des Paulus als Zugang zu seiner Thologie. Eine Auslegung von 2 Kor 4,7-12 / J. Schroter Reconciliation and 2 cor 5,18-21 / S.E. Porter. 2 Cor 5,21: The interpretative key to Paul's use of [dikaiosuna theou (romanized)]? / R.K. Moore. die Sprache der Absonderung in 2 Kor 6,17 und bei Paulus / C. Heil.
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