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Ancient Near East, A Life!: Festschrift Karel Van Lerberghe (Tom Boiy J. Bretschneider, A. Goddeeris, H. Hameeuw, G. (eds)) Paperback Book, (Peeters, 2012) 9789042926622
Ancient Near East, A Life!: Festschrift Karel Van Lerberghe (Tom Boiy J. Bretschneider, A. Goddeeris, H. Hameeuw, G. (eds)) Paperback Book, (Peeters, 2012) 9789042926622
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Title: The Ancient Near East, A Life!: Festschrift Karel Van Lerberghe

Author: Boiy, Tom J. Bretschneider, A. Goddeeris, H. Hameeuw, G. (eds)

Publisher: Peeters; Publication Date: 2012

Paperback; ISBN: 9789042926622

Volumes: 1; Pages: 679

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This volume in honour of Karel Van Lerberghe contains 47 contributions by his colleagues and students dealing with the history and archaeology of the Syro-Mesopotamian area. The focus on Syria and on the Old-Babylonian period reflects Karel's main research interests. Quite some cuneiform tablets are published here for the first time (both in hand-copy and with the help of the Portable Light Dome). Most recent archaeological field research is presented in contributions concerning Ugarit, Tell Tweini, Tell Beydar and many other sites.ContentsINTRODUCTION TABULA GRATULATORIA BIBLIOGRAPHY OF KAREL VAN LERBERGHE (until 2012) Kathleen Abraham and Uri Gabbay, Expenditures by the gu-za-l� Official at Maskan-sapir from the Time of Rim-Sin of Larsa Michel Al-Maqdissi et Eva Ishaq, Notes d'arch�ologie levantine XXXIII: T�te d'un dignitaire en basalte de Tell Sakka Tom BOIY, The Birth of an Era Joachim Bretschneider, Greta Jans, Anne-Sophie Van Vyve and Michel Deberuyne, The 'Ochre' Room: Shedding Some Light on a "Dark" Period of Transition. Tell Tweini in the Early Iron Age Guy Bunnens, Sealing Practices at Neo-Assyrian Til Barsib. Cylinders - Stamps - Sissiktu - Seal Box Dominique Charpin, Une lettre d'un roi inconnu: Nouvelles donn�es sur le d�but du r�gne de Zimri-Lim Petr Charvat, Uruk mater urbium: The Sign URU in Proto-Cuneiform Writing Geert De Breucker, Berossos' Babyloniaca: Purposes and Interpretations Patrick Degryse, Hamdy El-Desouky, Joachim Bretschneider Greta Jansrank Vanhaecke Philippe Muchez, Lead Isotopic Analysis of Copper Alloy Artifacts from Tell Tweini. Changing Ore Sources from the Early Bronze Age tothe Iron Age? Elena Devecchi, The Amarna Letters from Iatti. A palaeographic Analysis An De Vos, Remarks on Equative and Comparative Degree in Hittite and Akkadian Manfried Dietrich, The Chaldeans the Leading People in Babylonian History and Historiography during the First Half of the First Millennium BCE Jean-Marie Durand, Vengeance d'un exil� Gertrud and Walter Farber, The "Gibson Collection" at the Oriental Institute, Chicago Alhena Gadotti and Alexandra Kleinerman, Unfulfilled Destinies. Yet again on the Old Babylonian SumerianScribal Curriculum Anne Goddeeris, Sealing in Old Babylonian Nippur Elynn Gorris, The Clay Rattles from Tell Tweini (Syria) and their Contribution to the Musical Tradition of the Ancient Near East Eric Gubel, Epis�me de bouclier ou �gide (sam'alite?) � inscription ouest s�mitique Hendrik Hameeuw, 1947: Two Tablets as a Christmas Gift to a Leuven Assyriologist Caroline Janssen, The Guard Who Molested Gentlemen? A Letter ana awile, from the Ur-Utu Archive Theo J. H. Krispijn, An Old-Babylonian Version of the Tribute List Marc Lebeau and Marie-Eve Stenuit, The Restoration of Temple D at Tell Beydar/Nabada (Field N,Seasons 2004 and 2005) Ren� Lebrun et Jan Tavernier, Deux objets inscrits de Tell Tweini Edward Lipinski, Dagan, the Master of Ploughing Elena Marinova, Veerle Linseele, Patricia Vanadorpe and Jan Van Der Valk, Middle Bronze Age Ritual, Subsistence and Environment at Tell Tweini Inferred from Bioarchaeological Evidence Val�rie Matoian, Images de fa�ence de Tell Tueini et de Ras Shamra (Syrie) Paolo Matthiae, Une nouvelle image de l'Ishtar eblaitu pal�osyrienne Rudolf H. Mayr, Seal Impressions on Administrative Tags from the Reign of Su-Amurru Piotr Michalowski and Gary Beckmna, The Promulgation of the Name of the Third Year of Rim-Anum of Uruk Hans Neumann, Einige neusumerische Texte aus Umma �ber (Opfer-)Lieferungen (s�-du11) David I. Owen, Three Early Old Babylonian Accounts Jeroen Poblome, Word versus Dirt. History and Archaeology Applied to Proto-Historical Sagalassos Alexander Pruss, A Closure Ritual at Tell Beydar? Mervyn E. J. Richardson, Baring the Essentials of a Dictionary: Some Precursors of CDA Arlette Roobaert, Libbali-Sharrat or Naqia? On Queens Portrayed on Assyrian Reliefs Saraa Slaeh, The Ancient Theatres of Syria in their Regional Setting Jack M. Sasson, "Nothing So Swift As Calumny": Slander and Justification at the Mari Court Antoon Schoors, The Ambiguity of Enjoyment in Qoheleth Johanna Spaey, The Secret of Gilgamesh Marten Stol, Renting the Divine Weapon as a Prebend Michel Tnaret, Of Wills and Bills? On Inherited Debts in the Ur-Utu Archive V�ronique Van Der Stede, De l'usage des figurines et statuettes anthropomorphes dans les s�pultures du Bronze ancien et moyen en Syrie Wim Van Neer and Bea De Cupre, Bird Feathers for Ceremonial Use in Hellenistic Times at Tell Beydar, SyriaKlaas R. Veenhof, An Old Babylonian Lawsuit on the Property of a Priestess Juan-Pablo Vita, The Scribal Exercise RS 16.265 from Ugarit in its Near-Eastern Context Caroline Waerzeggers, Happy Days: The Babylonian Almanac in Daily Life Tony J. Wilkinson and Emma Cunliffe, The Archaeological Landscape of the Tell Beydar Region: An Update Using Satellite Imagery
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