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1 Timothy Reconsidered (Karl P Donfried (ed)) Paperback Book, (Peeters, 2008) 9789042920910
1 Timothy Reconsidered (Karl P Donfried (ed)) Paperback Book, (Peeters, 2008) 9789042920910
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Title: 1 Timothy Reconsidered

Author: Donfried, Karl P (ed)

Publisher: Peeters; Publication Date: 2008

Paperback; ISBN: 9789042920910

Volumes: 1; Pages: 201

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1 Timothy Reconsidered contains the presentations and deliberations of the nineteenth meeting of the Colloquium Oecumenicum Paulinum, a distinguished group of some thirty-five international and ecumenical Pauline scholars, held at the Abbey of Saint Paul in Rome during September, 2006. 1 Timothy served as the focal point for all eight papers, although the relationship of this text to that of 2 Timothy, Titus and to other Pauline writings was repeatedly considered. Extensive dialogue centered on the methodological issue of pseudonymity and its continued effectiveness as an exegetical tool. Some urged consideration of a broader view of Pauline letter writing, one that involved authorization to, or joint authorship with, co-workers situated in diverse Pauline missionary centers. The volume also contains a major reassessment of theological themes found in 1 Timothy including the relationship of grace to such heteronomous norms as asceticism, the so-called accomodationist character of the letter, especially the relationship of eusebeia to bourgeois Christianity, and whether the use of the category "household" is, in fact, a misrepresentation of Paul's understanding of the church. Under the presidency of Karl Donfried, presenters included David Horrell, Luke Timothy Johnson, Vasile Mihoc, Margaret Mitchell, Yann Redali�, L�szl� Simon and Thomas S�ding.ContentsPreface by Karl P. Donfried 1 Timothy Reconsidered: A Review of the Major Issues by Karl P. Donfried First Timothy 1,1-20: The Shape of the Struggle by Luke Timothy Johnson Corrective Composition, Corrective Exegesis: The Teaching on Prayer in 1 Tim 2,1-15 by Margaret M. Mitchell 1 Timotheus 3: Der Episkopos und die Diakone in der Kirche by Thomas Soding Timothee, un portrait exhortatif, 1 Tim 4 by Yann Redalie Disciplining Performance and 'Placing' the Church: Widows, Elders and Slaves in the Household of God (1 Tim 5,1-6,2) by David G. Horrell The Final Admonition to Timothy (1 Tim 6,3-21) by Vasile Mihoc Rethinking Scholarly Approaches to 1 Timothy by Karl P. Donfried Crescere Nella. "Bella Professione Di Fede". La responsabilita per il vangelo secondo la Prima lettera a Timoteo by Laszlo T. Simon
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