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Layout Markers in Biblical Manuscripts and Ugaritic Tablets (Marjo C A Korpel Josef M Oesch (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2005) 9789023241782
Layout Markers in Biblical Manuscripts and Ugaritic Tablets (Marjo C A Korpel Josef M Oesch (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2005) 9789023241782
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Title: Layout Markers in Biblical Manuscripts and Ugaritic Tablets

Author: Korpel, Marjo C A Josef M Oesch (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2005

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789023241782

Volumes: 1; Pages: vii, 227

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A lucid delimitation of textual units appears to have been a serious concern of ancient scribes. In this fifth volume of the Pericope series, this is demonstrated in the papers read at the Fourth Pericope Meeting held in connection with the SBL International Meeting at Cambridge, 2003.For the first time articles on text division in New Testament manuscripts are included: one on the pericope markers in some relatively early manuscripts, especially papyri, as well as in the four major codices, and another article on Codex Boernerianus and papyrus 46 of the letters of Paul.Other topics discussed are the setumot and petuchot in Numbers and Amos, and the special phrases preceding or following them. Is it possible to get more insight on the way the ancient scribes put in the spaces and blank lines in their manuscripts? Furthermore, the divisions made by Jerome on his commentary on the Book of Isaiah are investigated, and the question about the frame story of the Book of Job--is it prose or poetry?The Pericope series aims at making available data on unit delimitation found in biblical and related manuscripts to the scholarly world and provides a platform for evaluating this hitherto largely neglected evidence for the benefit of biblical interpretation.ContentsM. C. A. Korpel & J. M. Oesch, PrefaceD. J. Clark, Delimitation Markers in the Book of NumbersW. M. de Bruin, Traces of a Hebrew Text Division in the Bible Commentaries of JeromeR. de Hoop, The Frame Story of the Book of Job: Prose or Verse? Job 1:1-5 as a Test CaseJ. C. de Moor, The Structure of Micah 6 in the Light of Ancient DelimitationsM. Dijkstra, Unit Delimitation and Interpretation in the Book of AmosM. C. A. Korpel, Unit Delimitation in Ugaritic Cultic Texts and Some Babylonian and Hebrew ParallelsS. E. Porter, Pericope Markers in Some Early Greek New Testament ManuscriptsD. Trobisch, Structural Markers in New Testament Manuscripts with Special Attention to Observations in Codex Boernerianus (G 012) and Papyrus 46 of the Letters of PaulM. van Amerongen, The Structure of Zechariah 4: A Comparison between the Divisions in the Masoretic Text, Ancient Translations, and Modern CommentariesIndex of Authors Index of Texts
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