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Homo Patiens - Approaches to the Patient in the Ancient World (Georgia Petridou) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2015) 9789004305557

Title: Homo Patiens - Approaches to the Patient in the Ancient World

Author: Petridou, Georgia

Additional Authors or Contributors: Max-Weber Kolleg, Chiara Thumiger (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2015

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004305557

Volumes: 1; Pages: 564

List Price in Hardcover: $218.00 Our price: $187.99

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Homo Patiens - Approaches to the Patient in the Ancient World is a book about the patients of the Graeco-Roman world, their role in the ancient medical encounters and their relationship to the health providers and medical practitioners of their time.

This volume makes a strong claim for the relevance of a patient-centred approach to the history of ancient medicine. Attention to the experience of patients deepens our understanding of ancient societies and their medical markets, and enriches our knowledge of the history of ancient cultures. It is a first step towards shaping a history of the ancient patient?s view, which will be of use not only to ancient historians, students of medical humanities, and historians of medicine, but also to any reader interested in medical ethics.

Table of Contents


List of Figures

Notes on the Contributors

Bibliographical Note

Introduction: Towards a History of the Ancient Patient?s View

Georgia Petridou and Chiara Thumiger

Part 1 - Medical Authority and Patient Perspectives

1 "This I Suffered in the Short Space of my Life". The Epitaph for Lucius Minicius Anthimianus (CIG 3272; Peek GV 1166), Lutz A. Graumann and Manfred Horstmanshoff

2 Questioning the Patient, Questioning Hippocrates: Rufus of Ephesus and the Pursuit of Knowledge, Melinda Letts

Part 2 - Case Histories in the Hippocratic Corpus

3 Patient Function and Physician Function in the Hippocratic Cases, Chiara Thumiger

4 Case History as Minority Report in the Hippocratic Epidemics 1, John Z. Wee

5 Voice Pathologies and the ?Hippocratic Triangle?, Colin Webster

Part 3 - Patients and Psychological Illness

6 Galen?s Anxious Patients: Lyp? as Anxiety Disorder, Susan P. Mattern

7 Experiencing Madness: Mental Patients in Medieval Arabo-Islamic Medicine, Pauline Koetschet

Part 4 - Emotional Aspects of the Patient-Physician Relationship

8 Interpretations of the Healer?s Touch in the Hippocratic Corpus, Jennifer Kosak

9 Patience for the Little Patient: The Infant in Soranus? Gynaecia, Lesley Bolton

10 Compassion in Soranus? Gynecology and Caelius Aurelianus? On Chronic Diseases, Amber J. Porter

11 Galen on the Patient?s Role in Pain Diagnosis: Sensation, Consensus, and Metaphor, Courtney Roby

Part 5 - Material Aspects, Diagnostic Techniques and their Impact on the Patient-Physician Relationship

12 The mutharion in the Praecepta: The Medical Fee and its Impact on the Patient, Giulia Ecca

13 The Practical Application of Ancient Pulse-Lore and its Influence on the Patient-Doctor Interaction

Orly Lewis

14 Images of Doctors and their Implements: A Visual Dialogue between the Patient and the Doctor, Patricia A. Baker

15 Case Histories in Late Byzantium: Reading the Patient in John Zacharias Aktouarios? On Urines, Petros Bouras-Vallianatos

Part 6 - The Informed Patient: Self-Healing and the Patient as Physician

16 Treatment of the Man: Galen?s Preventive Medicine in the De Sanitate Tuenda, John M. Wilkins

17 Literary and Documentary Evidence for Lay Medical Practice in the Roman Republic and Empire, Jane Draycott

18 Aelius Aristides as Informed Patient and Physician, Georgia Petridou

19 It may not cure you, it may not save your life, but it will help you?, Katherine D. van Schaik

20 Epilogue: Approaches to the History of Patients: From the Ancient World to Early Modern Europe, Michael Stolberg

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