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Circum Mare: Themes in Ancient Warfare (Jeremy Armstrong) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2016) 9789004284845

Title: Circum Mare: Themes in Ancient Warfare

Author: Armstrong, Jeremy

Additional Authors or Contributors: (ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2016

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004284845

Volumes: 1; Pages: 333

List Price in Hardcover: $175.00 Our price: $149.99

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Circum Mare: Themes in Ancient Warfare presents a thematic approach to current directions in ancient military studies with case studies on topics including the economics of warfare, military cohesion, military authority, irregular warfare, and sieges. Bringing together research on cultures from across the Mediterranean world, ranging from Pharaonic Egypt to Late Antique Europe and from Punic Spain to Persian Anatolia, the collection demonstrates both the breadth of the current field and a surprising number of synergies.



Lee L. Brice



1 War and Society in the Ancient World: An Introduction, Jeremy Armstrong

Military Narratives

2 Simple Words, Simple Pictures: The Link between the Snapshots of Battle and the War Diary Entries in Ancient Egypt, Anthony Spalinger

3 Caesar's Exempla and the Role of Centurions in Battle, David Nolan

The Economics of Warfare

4 Coinage and the Economics of the Athenian Empire, Matthew Trundle

5 Tributum in the Middle Republic, Nathan Rosenstein

Military Cohesion

6 The Ties that Bind: Military Cohesion in Archaic Rome, Jeremy Armstrong

7 Sacramentum Militiae: Empty Words in an Age of Chaos, Mark Hebblewhite

Military Authority

8 Circumscribing Imperium: Power and Regulation in the Republican Province, Ralph Covino

9 The Delian and Second Athenian Leagues: The Perspective of Collective Action, James Kierstead

Irregular Warfare

10 'Warlordism' and the Disintegration of the Western Roman Army, Jeroen W.P. Wijnendaele

11 The Significance of Insignificant Engagements: Irregular Warfare during the Punic Wars,

Louis Rawlings

Fortifications and Sieges

12 'Siege Warfare' in Ancient Egypt, as Derived from Select Royal and Private Battle Scenes, Brett H. Heagren

13 Tissaphernes and the Achaemenid Defense of Western Anatolia, 412-395bc, John W.I. Lee


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