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Herodotus in Nubia (Laszlo Torok) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2014) 9789004269132
Herodotus in Nubia (Laszlo Torok) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2014) 9789004269132
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Title: Herodotus in Nubia

Author: Torok, Laszlo

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2014

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004269132

Volumes: 1; Pages: 177

List Price in Cloth: $136.00 Our price: $117.99

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Twentieth century commentaries on Herodotus' passages on Nubia, the historical kingdom of Kush and the Aithiopia of the Greek tradition, rely mostly on an outdated and biased interpretation of the textual and archaeological evidence. Disputing both the Nubia image of twentieth century Egyptology and the Herodotus interpretation of traditional Quellenkritik, the author traces back the Aithiopian information that was available to Herodotus to a discourse on Kushite kingship created under the Nubian pharaohs of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty and preserved in the Ptah sanctuary at Memphis. Insufficient for a self-contained Aithiopian logos, the information acquired by Herodotus complements and supports accounts of the land, origins, customs and history of other peoples and bears a relation to the intention of the actual narrative contexts into which the author of The Histories inserted it.Table of ContentsMap of Egypt and NubiaPolitical and Geographical TermsChapter One Herodotus' Nubia in Modern Scholarship1. Images of Nubia in Herodotean Scholarship2. Herodotus Halfway between Egyptology and Nubian Studies3. Excursus 1: The Kingdom of Kush from the Eighth to the Fifth Century BC. A Brief OverviewChapter Two The Aithiopian Passages in English TranslationChapter Three The Problem of the "Aithiopian Logos"1. The Context of the Aithiopian Passages: Introductory Remarks2. Was There an Unfinished Aithiopian Logos?Chapter Four "Fiction" and "Reality"1. On Sources1.1. Excursus 2: Herodotus' Priestly Informants and the Explanation of the Nile Flood2. Sesostris in Nubia3. Excursus 3: A Note on Ancient Nubian Archives4. Sabacos in Egypt5. Psamtek II in Nubia6. Aithiopians in the Siwa Oasis7. Herodotus? Two Aithiopias 1: Aithiopia South of Egypt. With Notes on Oracles8. Herodotus? Two Aithiopias 2: The Land of the Long-lived Aithiopians on the Fringes of the Inhabited World8.1. Excursus 4: Herodotus and Agatharchides9. The Land of the Long-lived Aithiopians Continued10. The Gifts Presented to the King of Persia by the Aithiopians Living South of Egypt11. Two Aithiopian Passages in the Libyan Logos: The Autochthonous Origin of the Aithiopians. The Aithiopian Trog[l]odytes12. A Meditation on the Fringes13. Aithiopian "Half-men" in the Army of Xerxes IChapter Five Herodotus in Nubia1. Herodotus' Sources on Kushite Kingship2. "Reflections in a Distant Mirror"AbbreviationsGeneral IndexIndex Locorum
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