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Between Orality and Literacy: Communication and Adaptation in Antiquity (Ruth Scodel (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2014) 9789004269125
Between Orality and Literacy: Communication and Adaptation in Antiquity (Ruth Scodel (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2014) 9789004269125
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Title: Between Orality and Literacy: Communication and Adaptation in Antiquity

Author: Scodel, Ruth (ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2014

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004269125

Volumes: 1; Pages: 384

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The essays in Between Orality and Literacy address how oral and literature practices intersect as messages, texts, practices, and traditions move and change, because issues of orality and literacy are especially complex and significant when information is transmitted over wide expanses of time and space or adapted in new contexts. Their topics range from Homer and Hesiod to the New Testament and Gaius' Institutes, from epic poetry and drama to vase painting, historiography, mythography, and the philosophical letter. Repeatedly they return to certain issues. Writing and orality are not mutually exclusive, and their interaction is not always in a single direction. Authors, whether they use writing or not, try to control the responses of a listening audience. A variable tradition can be fixed, not just by writing as a technology, but by such different processes as the establishment of a Panhellenic version of an Attic myth and a Hellenistic city's creation of a single celebratory history.Table of contentsContentsPrefaceNotes on ContributorsIntroductionRuth ScodelControlling the Web: Hypertextuality, the Iliad, and the Crimes of Previous GenerationsJames O'aleyOmens and Messages in the Iliad and Odyssey: A Study in TransmissionJonathan L. ReadyProphetic HesiodRuth ScodelLabe to Bublion Orality and Literacy in AristophanesCarl Anderson and Keith DixBoreas and Oreithyia: A Case-Study in Multichannel Transmission of MythMargalit FinkelbergThe Poet and the Painter: A Hymn to Zeus on a Cup by the Brygos PainterJasper GauntStory Time at the Library: Palaephatus and the Emergence of Highly Literate MythologyGreta HawesOrality in Philosophical EpistlesMathilde Cambron-GouletLook and Listen: History Performed and InscribedRachel Zelnick-AbramovitzSpoken Prayers and Written Instructions in the Central Italian Cultural Koin� and BeyondJay FisherOral Textuality as a Language of Exclusive Communication in Terence?s ProloguesSophia PapaioannouSimile Structure in Homeric Epic and Vergil's AeneidDeborah BeckPoet, Audience, Time, and Text: Reflections on Medium and Mode in Homer and VirgilElizabeth MinchinSpeaking Verse to Power: Circulation of Oral and Written Critique in the Lives of the CaesarsNiall SlaterThe Book of Revelation: A Written Text Towards the Oral PerformanceLourdes Garc�a Ure�aThe End of Orality: Transmission of Gospel Tradition in the Second and Third CenturiesS.D. CharlesworthTransmitting Legal Knowledge: From Question-and-Answer Format to Handbook in Gaius' InstitutesMatthijs Wibier
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