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Brill�s Companion to the Reception of Aristotle in Antiquity (Andrea Falcon) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2016) 9789004266476

Title: Brill�s Companion to the Reception of Aristotle in Antiquity

Author: Falcon, Andrea

Additional Authors or Contributors: (ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2016

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004266476

Volumes: 1; Pages: 528

List Price in Hardcover: $210.00 Our price: $178.99

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Brill's Companion to the Reception of Aristotle provides a systematic yet accessible account of the reception of Aristotle's philosophy in Antiquity. To date, there has been no comprehensive attempt to explain this complex phenomenon. This volume fills this lacuna by offering broad coverage of the subject from Hellenistic times to the sixth century AD. It is laid out chronologically and the 23 articles are divided into three sections: I. The Hellenistic Reception of Aristotle; II. The Post-Hellenistic Engagement with Aristotle; III. Aristotle in Late Antiquity. Topics include Aristotle and the Stoa, Andronicus of Rhodes and the construction of the Aristotelian corpus, the return to Aristotle in the first century BC, and the role of Alexander of Aphrodisias and Porphyry in the transmission of Aristotle's philosophy to Late Antiquity.

Table of Contents


Notes on Contributors


Andrea Falcon

PART 1 - The Hellenistic Reception of Aristotle

1 Aristotle and the Hellenistic Peripatos: From Theophrastus to Critolaus, David Lefebvre

2 Aristotle and the Garden, Francesco Verde

3 Aristotle and the Stoa, Thomas Benatouil

PART 2 - The Post-Hellenistic Engagement with Aristotle

The Peripatetic Tradition

4 Andronicus of Rhodes and the Construction of the Aristotelian Corpus, Myrto Hatzimichali

5 Aristotelianism in the First Century BC, Andrea Falcon

6 Peripatetic Ethics in the First Century BC: The Summary of Didymus, Georgia Tsouni

7 Aristotelianism in the Second Century AD: Before Alexander of Aphrodisias, Inna Kupreeva

8 Alexander of Aphrodisias, Cristina Cerami

Beyond the Peripatetic Tradition

9 The Reception of Aristotle in Antiochus and Cicero, John Dillon

10 The Appropriation of Aristotle in the Ps-Pythagorean Treatises, Angela Ulacco

11 The Reception of Aristotle in Middle Platonism: From Eudorus of Alexandria to Ammonius Saccas, Alexandra Michalewski

12 Galen's Reception of Aristotle, R. J. Hankinson

13 Plotinus' Reception of Aristotle, Sara Magrin

14 The Ancient Biographical Tradition on Aristotle, Tiziano Dorandi

15 Aristotle in the A�tian Placita, Jaap Mansfeld

PART 3 - Aristotle in Late Antiquity

16 Porphyry and the Aristotelian Tradition, Riccardo Chiaradonna

17 An Intellective Perspective on Aristotle: Iamblichus the Divine, Jan Opsomer

18 Themistius, Arnaud Zucker

19 Syrianus and Proclus on Aristotle, Pieter d?Hoine

20 Ammonius and the Alexandrian School, Michael Griffin

21 Simplicius and Philoponus on the Authority of Aristotle, Pantelis Golitsis

22 Aristoteles Latinus: The Reception of Aristotle in the Latin World, Christophe Erismann

23 Early Christian Philosophers on Aristotle, George Karamanolis

Index of Ancient Names

Index of Passages
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