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Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World, 2 Volumes (Philip Ford Jan Bloemendal, Charles Fantazzi (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2014) 9789004265721
Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World, 2 Volumes (Philip Ford Jan Bloemendal, Charles Fantazzi (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2014) 9789004265721
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Title: Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World, 2 Volumes

Author: Ford, Philip Jan Bloemendal, Charles Fantazzi (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2014

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004265721

Volumes: 2; Pages: 1350

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With its striking range and penetrating depth, Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Neo-Latin World traces the enduring history and wide-ranging cultural influence of Neo-Latin, the form of Latin that originated in the Italian Renaissance and persists to the modern era. Featuring original contributions by a host of distinguished international scholars, this two-volume work explores every aspect of the civilized world from literature and law to philosophy and the sciences. An invaluable resource for both the advanced scholar and the graduate student. Table of ContentsPrefaceJan Bloemendal, Charles Fantazzi, Craig KallendorfAbout the AuthorsList of IllustrationsMACROPAEDIAPart I Language and Education1 From Mediaeval Latin to Neo-LatinMarianne Pade2 Neo-Latin: Character and DevelopmentJohann Ramminger3 On Neologisms in Neo-LatinHans Helander4 Neo-Latin and Renaissance SchoolsPeter Mack5 Neo-Latin Prosody and VersificationPhilip J. Ford6 Conversational Latin to 1650Terence Tunberg7 Conversational Latin: 1650 to the PresentMilena Minkova8 Women's EducationJane Stevenson9 Revival of Classical TextsCharles Fantazzi10 HellenismGerald Sandy11 Translation and Neo-LatinBrenda M. Hosington12 Imitation, Emulation, Ciceronianism, Anti-CiceronianismCharles Fantazzi13 Neo-Latin Prose Style (from Petrarch to c. 1650)Terence Tunberg14 Pronunciation of LatinDirk SacrePart II Latin and Printing15 Humanist PrintersPaul White16 Philology: Editions and Editorial Practices in the Early Modern PeriodJan Bloemendal and Henk J.M. Nellen17 The Neo-Latin CommentaryKarl A. E. Enenkel18 Textual Transaction and Transformation in the Renaissance Printed BookAndrew Taylor19 Commonplace BooksAnn Moss20 Encyclopaedias and DictionariesJohn Considine21 Fifteenth-Century Humanist Manuscript ProductionDustin MengelkochPart III Latin and the Vernacular22 Neo-Latin and the Vernacular: ProseTom Deneire23 Neo-Latin and the Vernacular: PoetryNikolaus ThurnPart IV Neo-Latin Literature24 Neo-Latin Literary Genres and the Classical Tradition: Adaptation and InventionsJan BloemendalProse25 Neo-Latin FictionJennifer Morrish Tunberg26 Neo-Latin Prose SatireDavid A. Porter27 LettersJeanine De Landtsheer28 Neo-Latin 'Essays': An Absent Genre that is OmnipresentJan Papy29 The Theory and Practice of History in Neo-Latin LiteratureMarc LaureysPoetry30 Epigrams?The Classical TraditionGideon Nisbet31 Elegiac PoetrySusanna de Beer32 Neo-Latin Lyric Poetry in the RenaissanceStella P. Revard33 SatireDavid Marsh34 PastoralDavid Marsh35 The Classification of Neo-Latin Didactic Poetry from the Fifteenth to Nineteenth CenturiesYasmin Haskell36 The Neo-Latin EpicCraig Kallendorf37 Poetic Psalm ParaphrasesRoger P. H. GreenDrama38 Neo-Latin DramaJan BloemendalErotic Literature39 Neo-Latin Erotic and Pornographic Literature (c. 1400-c. 1700)Karl A. E. EnenkelPart V Latin and the Arts40 Classicising the Unclassical: The Challenge of Music TheoryLeofranc Holford-Strevens41 Latin Words to MusicRudolf Rasch42 Neo-Latin and the Visual Arts in ItalyMaia Wellington Gahtan43 Neo-Latin and the Plastic Arts in Northern EuropeColette Nativel44 ArchitectureLex HermansPart VI Latin and Philosophy45 Aristotelianism and ScholasticismRaphaele Garrod46 Ficino and Neo-PlatonismValery Rees47 Epicureanism and the Other Hellenistic PhilosophiesJill Kraye48 Political PhilosophyErik De Bom49 Early Modern Philosophical SystemsWiep van BungePart VII Latin and the Sciences50 Astronomy and AstrologyMonica Azzolini and Adam Mosley51 MedicineGuido Giglioni52 Neo-Latin MathematicsRichard J. Oosterhoff53 From Alchemy to ChemistryJennifer M. RamplingPart VIII Latin and the Church54 Theological DiscourseJon Balserak55 PatristicsIrena Backus56 The ReformationCarl P. E. Springer57 Counter-ReformationJan Machielsen58 The Passion(s) of Jesuit LatinYasmin HaskellPart IX Latin and Law59 Law Latin and English LawRoger S. FisherPart X Latin and the New World60 Cosmography and ExplorationMonique Mund-Dopchie61 Latin in Latin AmericaAndrew Laird62 Neo-Latin in North AmericaAnn Blair63 AsiaZweder von MartelsPart XI Neo-Latin: The Twilight Years64 Neo-Latin Verse in the Twilight Years (1700-Present)David Money65 Neo-Latin Prose in the Twilight Years (1700-Present)Dirk SacrePart XII History of Neo-Latin Studies66 History of Neo-Latin StudiesDemmy VerbekeMICROPAEDIAAdversaria, Annotationes, MiscellaneaHarm-Jan van DamAlberti, Leon BattistaLex HermansArchitectural Theory and the ChurchLex HermansBembo, PietroCharles FantazziBeza, TheodorusJeltine L. R. Ledegang-KeegstraBibliothecae (Hispanic)Andrew LairdBook HuntingDustin MengelkochBorrowings from Ancient Geography: Transmission or TreasonMonique Mund-DopchieBotanyKaren Reeds and Isabelle CharmantierBruni'De interpretatione rectaMarianne PadeBude, GuillaumeGerald SandyCalvin, JohnCarl P. E. SpringerCoins and MedalsDirk SacreCommentaries on the Bible and PatristicsJon BalserakCommonplace Books: Major Items in PrintAnn MossControversy of the IndiesAndrew LairdThe Curriculum of the College de Guyenne (1583)Raphaele GarrodDescartes, Ren�Ann BlairDiplomacy and Court CultureErik De BomEditing Neo-Latin texts: Editorial Principles; Spelling and PunctuationTom DeneireEducation-Desiderius ErasmusCharles FantazziEducation-Juan Luis VivesCharles FantazziEducational Treatises from ItalyCraig KallendorfEkphrasis (and Art)Maia Wellington GahtanEmblemsKarl A. E. EnenkelEpigrams and Epitaphs (on Art and Artists)Maia Wellington GahtanErasmus' The Adagia, and the Assimilation of the Literary Culture of Classical AntiquityAndrew TaylorErasmus' The Praise of FollyJohannes TrapmanErasmus' Theological WritingsCarl P. E. SpringerFicino, MarsilioValery ReesGassendi, PierreIrena BackusGessner, ConradAnn BlairGradus ad Parnassum and Other Verse Composition ManualsDavid J. ButterfieldThe Greek AnthologyHarry StevensonThe Greek Diaspora and Neo-Latin Literature (Fifteenth-Seventeenth Centuries)Han LamersHumanist Centres-Leiden and PhilologyHarm-Jan van DamHumanist Centres-NaplesHan LamersHumanistic ScriptDustin MengelkochIndigenous American LatinistsAndrew LairdInscriptionsDirk SacreJesuit Georgic PoetryYasmin HaskellThe Jesuit Ratio studiorum (1599 Edition): Prescribed Texts: Grammar, the Humanities, Rhetoric, and PhilosophyRaphaele GarrodThe Jesuit Ratio studiorum and its Variants: Textbooks from the College of La Fleche for Classes of Grammar, Rhetoric, and the Humanities (1603-1702)Raphaele GarrodLascaris, JanusGerald SandyLatin and the Social MediaDavid J. ButterfieldLatin and the EnlightenmentYasmin HaskellLatin Language and Style as an Instrument of Political and Cultural IdeologyMarc LaureysLatin Translations from the Vernacular in Early Modern ScienceAnn BlairLatin Translations of Place Names Unknown in the Ancient WorldMonique Mund-DopchieLatin Travel Journals and GuidebooksMonique Mund-DopchieLatin Vocabulary for New World PhenomenaMonique Mund-DopchieLetter CollectionsJeanine De LandtsheerLetters of DedicationDemmy Verbeke and Jeanine De LandtsheerLetter-Writing ManualsJeanine De LandtsheerLucretius-Editions and CommentariesJill KrayeLuther, MartinCarl P. E. SpringerLutheran Latin EducationCarl P. E. SpringerManuals on Note-Taking (ars excerpendi)Ann BlairMedical Didactic PoetryYasmin HaskellMelanchthon, PhilippCarl P. E. SpringerMore, ThomasAndrew TaylorNeo-Latin and Vernacular Influences in Prose WritingTom DeneireNeo-Latin Book SeriesDemmy VerbekeNeo-Latin Grammars-Guarino of Verona's Regulae grammaticalesMarianne PadeNeo-Latin Grammars-Niccolo Perotti's Rudimenta grammaticesMarianne PadeNeo-Latin JournalsDemmy VerbekeNeo-Latin Literature-The Balkans (Croatia)Gorana Stepani?Neo-Latin Literature-BohemiaErika JurikovaNeo-Latin Literature-The British Isles: The Long Sixteenth CenturyDavid A. PorterNeo-Latin Literature-The British Isles: Later CenturiesDavid A. PorterNeo-Latin Literature-France: The Sixteenth Century: LiteratureMathieu FerrandNeo-Latin Literature-France: The Sixteenth Century: ContextsJon BalserakNeo-Latin Literature-France: The Seventeenth and Later Centuries: LiteratureIngrid A. R. De SmetNeo-Latin Literature-France: The Seventeenth and Later Centuries: ContextsJon BalserakNeo-Latin Literature-The German RegionsNikolaus ThurnNeo-Latin Literature-Hungary: The Fifteenth and Sixteenth CenturiesValery ReesNeo-Latin Literature-Hungary: The Seventeenth Century and BeyondValery ReesNeo-Latin Literature-Italy: The Age of PetrarchCraig KallendorfNeo-Latin Literature-Italy: The QuattrocentoCraig KallendorfNeo-Latin Literature-Italy: The CinquecentoCharles FantazziNeo-Latin Literature-Italy: Fascism (1922-1943)Han Lamers, Bettina L. Reitz-Joosse, and Dirk SacreNeo-Latin Literature-The Low CountriesTom DeneireNeo-Latin Literature-The Nordic CountriesMinna Skafte JensenNeo-Latin Literature-The Ottoman EmpireZweder von MartelsNeo-Latin Literature-PolandPiotr Urba?skiNeo-Latin Literature-PortugalRicardo da Cunha LimaNeo-Latin Literature-SlovakiaErika JurikovaNeo-Latin Literature-Spain: The Long Sixteenth CenturyAlejandro CoroleuNeo-Latin Literature-Spain: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesAlejandro CoroleuNeo-Latin OnlineDemmy VerbekeNeo-Latin SocietiesDemmy VerbekeNeo-Latin Supplements to Classical Latin WorksCraig KallendorfNew World: Epic WritingAndrew LairdOrders of ArchitectureLex HermansOrthography of Neo-LatinMilena MinkovaPasquinadesDavid MarshPatronageSusanna de BeerPerotti's Cornu copiaeMarianne PadePetrarca, FrancescoKarl A. E. EnenkelPhilology-FranceGerald SandyPioneers of Neo-Latin Studies-Henry De VochtDemmy VerbekePioneers of Neo-Latin Studies-Jozef IJsewijnDemmy VerbekePioneers of Neo-Latin Studies-Paul Oskar KristellerDemmy VerbekePliny (On Art)Maia Wellington GahtanPoetic Genres-The Cento: PoetryJane StevensonPoetic Genres-The Cento: TheoryTom DeneirePoetic Genres-EpistlesDavid A. PorterPoetic Genres-HeroidesPaul WhitePoetic Genres-Occasional Poetry: PracticeSusanna de BeerPoetic Genres-Occasional Poetry: TheoryIngrid A. R. De SmetPoetics?Scaliger, Vida, Pontanus, VossiusDavid A. PorterPraise and BlameMarc LaureysPrint and PedagogyAndrew TaylorPrinting Centres-Basel: Johannes Frobenius, Johannes Amerbach, and OthersPaul WhitePrinting Centres-Estienne FamilyPaul WhitePrinting Centres-Geneva: Henri II Estienne, Jean Crespin, and OthersPaul WhitePrinting Centres-The Officina PlantinianaJeanine De LandtsheerPrinting Centres-Paris: Jodocus Badius Ascensius, Robert I Estienne, and OthersPaul WhitePrinting Centres-StrasbourgPaul WhitePrinting Centres-Venice: Aldus Manutius and the Aldine PressAndrew TaylorPsychiatry-Neo-Latin Sources for its HistoryYasmin HaskellRhetoric in ArchitectureLex HermansRoman Law and bonae litteraeGerald SandySchool ColloquiaTom DeneireScribesDustin MengelkochSecundus, JoannesJane StevensonSeneca's Philosophical Works-Editions and CommentariesJill KrayeSermonsJon BalserakSpinozaGuido GiglioniThe Strasbourg Gymnasium (1543 Edition)-Prescribed Texts: Grammar, the Humanities, and RhetoricRaphaele GarrodSwedenborg, EmanuelHans HelanderTerence as a School Text: CommentariesJan BloemendalThou, Jacques Auguste deIngrid A. R. De SmetTranslation as a Source for NeologismsMarianne PadeTravel Journals and Guidebooks in LatinMonique Mund-DopchieThe Typography of Renaissance HumanismAndrew TaylorValla, LorenzoLodi NautaValla's Elegantiae linguae LatinaeMarianne PadeVirgilianismCraig KallendorfVitruvianismLex HermansWomen in Renaissance England and Neo-Latin TranslationBrenda M. HosingtonWomen Prodigies-Anna Maria van Schurman, Elena Piscopia, and OthersJane StevensonWomen Writers in the Elizabethan PeriodJane StevensonWomen Writers in Italy: Martha Marchina and OthersJane StevensonWomen Writers-NetworksJane StevensonZoologyLouise Hill CurthIndex of NamesIndex of Geographical Names
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