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War and Warfare in Late Antiquity (2 Volume Set) (Alexander Sarantis (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2013) 9789004252578
War and Warfare in Late Antiquity (2 Volume Set) (Alexander Sarantis (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2013) 9789004252578
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Title: War and Warfare in Late Antiquity (2 Volume Set)

Author: Sarantis, Alexander (ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2013

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004252578

Volumes: 2; Pages: 1024 + illus

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This two-volume publication explores the key factors determining the course and outcome of war in Late Antiquity. Volume 8.1 includes a detailed review of strategic and tactical issues and eight comprehensive bibliographic essays, which provide an overview of the literature. In Volume 8.2, thematic papers examine strategy and intelligence, fortifications and siege warfare, weaponry and equipment, literary sources and topography, and civil war, while papers focused on particular geographic regions home in on war and warfare in the West Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries, and the Balkans and the Eastern frontier in the 4th to 7th centuries AD.Contributors are Susannah Belcher, Neil Christie, Ian Colvin, John Conyard, Jon Coulston, Jim Crow, Florin Curta, Hugh Elton, James Howard-Johnston, Jordi Galbany, Jordi Gu�rdia, John Haldon, Michel Kazanski, Maria Kouroumali, Michael Kulikowski, Christopher Lillington-Martin, Marta Maragall, Oriol Mercadal, Jordi Nadal, Oriol Olesti, Alexander Sarantis, Conor Whately, Michael Whitby and John Wilkes.Table of ContentsVOLUME 8.1Acknowledgements ... ixList of Contributors ... xiForeword ... xviiAlexander Sarantis and Neil ChristieWaging War in Late Antiquity ... 1Alexander SarantisBibliographic EssaysWar in Late Antiquity: Secondary Works, Literary Sources and .M aterial Evidence ... 101Conor WhatelyMilitary Equipment and Weaponry: A Bibliographic Essay ... 153Alexander SarantisTactics: A Bibliographic Essay ... 177Alexander SarantisOrganisation and Life in the Late Roman Military: A Bibliographic Essay ... 209Conor WhatelyStrategy, Diplomacy and Frontiers: A Bibliographic Essay ... 239Conor WhatelyFortifications in the West: A Bibliographic Essay ... 255Alexander Sarantis with Neil ChristieFortifications in Africa: A Bibliography Essay ... 297Alexander SarantisFortifications in the East: A Bibliographic Essay ... 317Alexander SarantisVOLUME 8.2Strategy and IntelligenceInformation and War: Some Comments on Defensive Strategy and Information in the Middle Byzantine Period (ca. A.D. 660-1025) ... 373John HaldonFortifications and Siege WarfareFortifications and the Late Roman East: From Urban Walls to Long Walls ... 397James CrowSiege Warfare and Counter-Siege Tactics in Late Antiquity (ca. 250-640) ... 433Michael WhitbyWeaponry and EquipmentLate Roman Military Equipment Culture ... 463J. C. N. CoulstonBarbarian Military Equipment and its Evolution in the Late Roman and Great Migration Periods (3rd-5th c. A.D.) ... 493Michel KazanskiRecreating the Late Roman Army ... 523John ConyardLiterary Sources and TopographyReporting Battles and Understanding Campaigns in Procopius and Agathias: Classicising Historians? Use of Archived Documents as Sources ... 571Ian ColvinProcopius on the Struggle for Dara in 530 and Rome in 537-38: Reconciling Texts and Landscapes ... 599Christopher Lillington-MartinAmmianus Marcellinus and the Nisibene Handover of A.D. 363 ... 631Susannah BelcherThe WestImperial Campaigns between Diocletian and Honorius, A.D. 284-423: the Rhine Frontier and the Western Provinces ... 655Hugh EltonThe Archaeology of War and the 5th c. 'Invasions' ... 683Michael KulikowskiControlling the Pyrenees: a Macaque?s Burial from Late Antique Iulia Libica (Llivia, La Cerdanya, Spain) ... 703Oriol Olesti, Jordi Gu�rdia, Marta Maragall, Oriol Mercadal, Jordi Galbany and Jordi NadalThe BalkansThe Archaeology of War: Homeland Security in the South-West Balkans (3rd-6th c. A.D.) ... 735John WilkesMilitary Encounters and Diplomatic Affairs in the North Balkans during the Reigns of Anastasius and Justinian ... 759Alexander SarantisHorsemen in Forts or Peasants in Villages? Remarks on the Archaeology of Warfare in the 6th to 7th c. Balkans ... 809Florin CurtaThe EastMilitary Infrastructure in the Roman Provinces North and South of the Armenian Taurus in Late Antiquity ... 853James Howard-JohnstonEl-Lejj?n: Logistics and Localisation on Rome's Eastern Frontier in the 6th c. A.D. ... 893Conor WhatelyCivil WarWars within the Frontiers: Archaeologies of Rebellion, Revolt and.Civil War ... 927Neil ChristieThe Justinianic Reconquest of Italy: Imperial Campaigns and Local Responses ... 969Maria KouroumaliAbstracts in French ... 1001Index ... 1009Series Information ... 1085
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