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Ancient Egyptian Administration (Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2013) 9789004249523
Ancient Egyptian Administration (Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2013) 9789004249523
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Title: Ancient Egyptian Administration

Author: Garcia, Juan Carlos Moren (ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2013

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004249523

Volumes: 1; Pages: 1110

List Price in Cloth: $346.00 Our price: $289.99

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Ancient Egyptian Administration provides the first comprehensive overview of the structure, organization and evolution of the pharaonic administration from its origins to the end of the Late Period. The book not only focuses on bureaucracy, departments, and official practices but also on more informal issues like patronage, the limits in the actual exercise of authority, and the competing interests between institutions and factions within the ruling elite. Furthermore, general chapters devoted to the best-documented periods in Egyptian history are supplemented by more detailed ones dealing with specific archives, regions, and administrative problems. The volume thus produced by an international team of leading scholars will be an indispensable, up-to-date, tool of research covering a much-neglected aspect of pharaonic civilization.Table of ContentsThe Study of Ancient Egyptian Administration, Juan Carlos Moreno GarciaThe Organization of a Nascent State : Egypt Until the Beginning of the Fourth Dynasty, Eva-Maria EngelThe Central Administration of the Resources in the Old Kingdom: Departments, Treasures, Granaries and Work Centres, Hratch PapazianThe Territorial Administration of the Kingdom in the Third Millennium, Juan Carlos Moreno Garc1aKings, Viziers and Courtiers: Executive Power in the Third Millennium BC, Miroslav B�rtaThe Administration of the Funerary Royal Complexes, Hana VymazalovaBalat, a Frontier Town and its Archive, Laure PantalacciSetting a State Anew: The Central Administration from the End of the Old Kingdom to the End of the Middle Kingdom, Wolfram GrajetzkiThe Royal Command (wD-nsw): A Basic Deed of Executive Power, Pascal VernusNomarchs and Local Potentates: The Provincial Administration in the Middle Kingdom, Harco WillemsThe Organisation of the Pharaonic army (Old to New Kingdom), Anthony SpalingerCategorisation, Classification, and Social Reality: Administrative Control and Interaction with the Population, Katalin Anna KothayCrisis and Restructuring of the State: From the End of the Middle Kingdom to the Advent of the Ramesses, J.J. ShirleyThe Raising Power of the House of Amun in the New Kingdom, Ben J.J. HaringCoping with the Army: The Military and the State in the New Kingdom, Andrea GnirsThe Administration of Institutional Agriculture in the New Kingdom, Sally KataryA Bureaucratic Challenge? Archaeology and Administration in a Desert Environment (Second Millennium BCE), John Coleman DarnellThe Ramessid State, Pierre GrandetAdministration of the Deserts and Oases: First Millennium BCE, David KlotzFrom Conquered to Conqueror: The Organization of Nubia in the New Kingdom and the Kushite Administration of Egypt, Robert MorkotThe Saite Period: The Emergence of a Mediterranean Power, Damien Agut-Labord�reThe 'Other' Administration: Patronage, Factions and Informal Networks of Power in Ancient Egypt, Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia
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