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Christian Origins and Greco-Roman Culture: Social and Literary Contexts for the New Testament (Stanley E Porter) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2012) 9789004234161
Christian Origins and Greco-Roman Culture: Social and Literary Contexts for the New Testament (Stanley E Porter) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2012) 9789004234161
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Title: Christian Origins and Greco-Roman Culture: Social and Literary Contexts for the New Testament

Author: Porter, Stanley E

Additional Authors or Contributors: Andrew W. Pitts (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2012

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004234161

Volumes: 1; Pages: 752

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In Christian Origins and Greco-Roman Culture, Stanley Porter and Andrew Pitts assemble an international team of scholars whose work has focused on reconstructing the social matrix for earliest Christianity through the use of Greco-Roman materials and literary forms. Each essay moves forward the current understanding of how primitive Christianity situated itself in relation to evolving Hellenistic culture. Some essays focus on configuring the social context for the origins of the Jesus movement and beyond, while others assess the literary relation between early Christian and Greco-Roman texts.

Table of Contents

1. Greco-Roman Culture in the History of New Testament Interpretation: An Introductory Essay.

Stanley E. Porter and Andrew W. Pitts

2. Manuscripts, Scribes, and Book Production within Early Christianity.

Michael J. Kruger

3. What Do We Know and How Do We Know It? Reconstructing Early Christianity from its Manuscripts.

Stanley E. Porter

4. Recent Efforts to Reconstruct Early Christianity on the Basis of its Papyrological Evidence.

Stanley E. Porter

5. Jesus and Parallel Jewish and Greco-Roman Figures.

Craig S. Keener

6. The Exorcisms and Healings of Jesus within Classical Culture.

Tony Costa

7. Cash and Release: Atonement and Release from Oppression in the Imperial Context of Luke?s Gospel.

Matthew Forrest Lowe

8. Luke and Juvenal at the Crossroads: Space, Movement, and Morality in the Roman Empire.

Osman Umurhan and Todd Penner

9. Jesus, the Beloved Disciple, and Greco-Roman Friendship Conventions.

Ronald F. Hock

10. The Imitation of the 'Great Man' in Antiquity: Paul?s Inversion of a Cultural Icon.

James R. Harrison

11. Ephesians: Paul?s Political Theology in Greco-Roman Political Context.

Fredrick J. Long

12. Exiles, Islands, and the Identity and Perspective of John in Revelation.

Brian Mark Rapske

13. Source Citation in Greek Historiography and in Luke(-Acts).

Andrew W. Pitts

14. Ancient Greek History and its Methodology for Speeches: Is There a Relation to Luke?

Sean A. Adams

15. Luke as a Hellenistic Historian.

Paul L. Maier

16. The Genre of the Fourth Gospel and Greco-Roman Literary Conventions.

Andreas J. K�stenberger

17. Classical Greek Poetry and the Acts of the Apostles: Imitations of Euripides? Bacchae.

Dennis R. MacDonald

18. Prescripts and Greco-Roman Epistolary Conventions.

E. Randolph Richards

19. Letter Openings in Paul and Plato.

James Starr

20. Progymnasmatic Love.

R. Dean Anderson

21. "This Is A Great Metaphor!" Reciprocity in the Ephesians Household Code.

Cynthia Long Westfall

22. Turning kephale on its Head: The Rhetoric of Reversal in Ephesians 5:21-33.

Michelle Lee-Barnewell

23. Frank Speech at Work in Hebrews.

Benjamin Fiore, S.J.

24. The Strategic Arousal of Emotions in the Apocalypse of John (Part I): A Rhetorical-Critical Investigation of the Oracles to the Seven Churches.

David A. deSilva

25. The Didache as a Christian Enchiridion.

William Varner

26. The Classroom in the Text: Exegetical Practices in Justin and Galen.

H. Gregory Snyder
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