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Christian Humanism: Essays in Honour of Arjo Vanderjagt (Alasdair A MacDonald Zweder R.W.M. von Martels, Jan R. Veenstra (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2009) 9789004176317
Christian Humanism: Essays in Honour of Arjo Vanderjagt (Alasdair A MacDonald Zweder R.W.M. von Martels, Jan R. Veenstra (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2009) 9789004176317
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Title: Christian Humanism: Essays in Honour of Arjo Vanderjagt

Author: MacDonald, Alasdair A Zweder R.W.M. von Martels, Jan R. Veenstra (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2009

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004176317

Volumes: 1; Pages: xxxvi, 502

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It is a misconception that Christianity and Humanism are in any way in conflict with each other. The present book shows that through many centuries, and especially in the Renaissance, the two stood in a relation that was mutually complementary. The contributions in this volume treat aspects and manifestations of this cultural symbiosis, and they throw new light on authors and texts both more and less familiar. The subject-areas discussed include: religion, history, philosophy, literature and education. The age of Renaissance and Reformation is the central focus, but earlier and later periods are also featured. Table of contentsIntroductionNotes on ContributorsCHRISTIANITY AND HUMANISMColuccio Salutati in the Footsteps of the Ancients, Ron WittChristlicher Humanismus und Liturgie: Heinrich Bebel, Johannes Casselius und Leonhard Clemens verfassen Offizien zu den Festen des heiligen Hieronymus und der heiligen Anna, Volker HonemannR�hmende Memoria: der Zusammenhang von Verdiesseitigung und Religiosit�t in der Ged�chtnispflege der Humanisten, Berndt HammReligion as exercitatio mentis: a Case for Theology as a Humanist Dis-cipline, Willemien OttenA Classicising Friar at Work: John of Wales? Breviloquium de virtutibus, Albrecht DiemHUMANISM AND STOICISMVirtue as an End in Itself: the Medieval Unease with a Stoic Idea, Istv�n P. BejczyFlorentius Volusenus and Tranquillity of Mind: Some Applications of an An-cient Ideal, Alasdair A. MacdonaldThe First Christian Defender of Stoic Virtue? Justus Lipsius and Cicero's Paradoxa stoicorum, Jan PapyCoornhert on Virtue and Nobility, Hans and Simone Mooij-ValkHUMANISM AND PHILOSOPHYThe De veritate fidei christianae of Juan Luis Vives, Marcia L. Co-lishMontaigne and Christian Humanism, Peter MackHumanism and Religion in the Works of Spinoza, Fokke AkkermanErasmus of Rotterdam and Late Medieval Theologians on the Doctrine of Grace, Christoph BurgerThe philosophia Christi, its Echoes and its Repercussions on Virtue and Nobility, Han van RulerModern Humanism as Philosophical Autobiography: Pretending and Under-standing Selfhood in Descartes and Fichte, Detlev P�tzoldHUMANISM, ARTS AND SCIENCESTypes of Inconsistency in the Astrology of Ficino and Others, John North?The Metaphysical Unity of Music, Motion, and Time in Augustine's De musica, Stephen GershWorld Without End: Nicholas of Cusa's View of Time and Eternity, Matthieu van der MeerCopernicus? Praefatio in libros revolutionum: Humanism and Scholarly Debate, Marc van der PoelJacques Lef�vre d'Etaples: Humanism and Hermeticism in the De magia naturali, Jan R. VeenstraHUMANIST WRITING AND EDUCATIONDutch Humanists and the Medieval Past, Peter Raedts'H�here Bildung' im 17. Jahrhundert. Die Schola Carolina in Osnab-r�ck auf dem Weg vom Humanistischen Gymnasium zur Jesuitenuniversit�t, Rudolf SuntrupUbbo Emmius, the Eternal edict and the Academy of Groningen, Zweder von MartelsJohn Mair's Dialogus de materia theologo tractanda: Introduction, Text and Translation, Alexander BroadieRudolph Agricola's Address to Innocent VIII, Adrie van der LaanSolitude and the Inaccessible Light in the Sermons of Isaac of Stella, Just NiemeijerAnselm, Calvin, and the Absent Bible, Burcht PrangerThe World as Sin and Grace: The Theology of Melanchthon's Loci com-munes of 1521, Rob PaulsIndex
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