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Britain and Poland-Lithuania: Contact and Comparison from the Middle Ages to 1795 (Richard Unger Jakub Basista (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2008) 9789004166233
Britain and Poland-Lithuania: Contact and Comparison from the Middle Ages to 1795 (Richard Unger Jakub Basista (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2008) 9789004166233
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Title: Britain and Poland-Lithuania: Contact and Comparison from the Middle Ages to 1795

Author: Unger, Richard Jakub Basista (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2008

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004166233

Volumes: 1; Pages: xliv, 488

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In twenty-four papers scholars from Europe and North America examine various aspects of the economies, politics and culture of Britain and Poland-Lithuania from the Middle Ages down to the Third Partition. The similarities between the two seemingly different regions are as surprising as the long-standing connections between the British Isles and East Central Europe. Commercial ties were complemented by migration and by cultural exchange with writers, philosophers and artists in both regions taking an interest in the other. In sections devoted to religion and toleration, trade, diasporas, political theory, and stereotypes among others the authors present a new and unexpected history of the relationship between two states which politically up to 1795 went in opposite directions.Table of contentsList of FiguresList of MapsList of AbbreviationsA note on Proper NamesPreface: Richard W. UngerForeword1. Richard Butterwick: Taking Stock--Looking ForwardPart I--The Middle AgesContacts:2. Nils Hybel: Early Commercial Contacts between England, Prussia and Poland3. Wendy Childs: England's Contacts with Poland-Lithuania in the Fourteenth to Sixteenth Centuries4. Maryanne Kowaleski: Polish Ships in English Waters in the Later Middle AgesComparisons: religion, society, and culture:5. Stanka Kuzmova: Preaching on Martyr-Bishops in the Later Middle Ages: Saint Stanislaus of Krak�w and Saint Thomas Becket6. Sarah Layfield: The Papacy and the Nations of Scotland and Poland, c.1250-13347. Richard D Oram: Holy Frontiersmen? Twelfth- and Early Thirteenth-century Monastic Colonisation and Socio-Economic Change in Poland and Scotland8. Emilia Jamroziak: Border Communities between Violence and Opportunities: Scotland and Pomerania Compared9. Piotr Guzowski: Polish and English Peasants in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Periods: a comparative view10. Derek Keene: England and Poland: medieval metropolises comparedPart II: The Early Modern PeriodPolity, Diplomacy and War:11. Tomasz Gromelski: The Social and Political Values of the Polish and English Gentry in the Late Sixteenth Century12. Pawe Rutkowski: Poland and Britain against the Ottoman Turks: Jerzy Ossolinski's Embassy to King James I in 162113. Benedict Wagner-Rundell: Liberty, Virtue and the Chosen People: British and Polish Republicanism in the Early Eighteenth CenturyReligion and Toleration:14. John Fudge: Corollaries of Commerce between England and Danzig [Gdansk] in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries: Romance, Heresy, Employment, and Epidemic15. Brian Levack: Witch-hunting in Poland and England: similarities and differences16. Beata Cieszynska: Polish Religious Persecution as a Topic in British Writing in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth CenturyDiasporas:17. Waldemar Kowalski: Cracow Citizenship and the Local Scots, 1509-165518. Arthur H. Williamson: The "Nation Epidemical": Scoto-Britannus to Scoto-Polonus19. M. St. Almut Hillebrand: Britain and Gra'sk (Danzig) in the Eighteenth Century as a Case Study for Cultural Transfer B the interdependence of the "bourgeois public" and the social activities of British residents in Gdansk in a period of enlightened "Anglophilia"Impressions and Stereotypes:20. Peter Paul Bajer: Scotsmen and the Polish nobility from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century21. R�is�n Healy: The View from the Margins: Ireland and Poland-Lithuania, 1698-179822. Dariusz Rolnik: The picture of England and Englishmen in Polish memoirs during the Reign of Stanislaus August (1764-1795)Ideas and Art:23. Jan Wolenski: Polish-English (British) Philosophical Contacts and Comparisons from the Fifteenth through the Eighteenth Century24. Aleksandra Koutny-Jones: Echoes of the East: Glimpses of the "Orient" in British and Polish-Lithuanian Portraiture of the Eighteenth CenturyBibliography
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