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Peshitta: Its Use in Literature and Liturgy, Papers Read at the Third Peshitta Symposium (Bas ter Haar Romeny (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2007) 9789004156586
Peshitta: Its Use in Literature and Liturgy, Papers Read at the Third Peshitta Symposium (Bas ter Haar Romeny (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2007) 9789004156586
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Title: The Peshitta: Its Use in Literature and Liturgy, Papers Read at the Third Peshitta Symposium

Author: Romeny, Bas ter Haar (ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2007

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004156586

Volumes: 1; Pages: xxiv, 416

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For the first time, this volume brings together biblical scholars and specialists in Syriac liturgy and patristic literature. It contains introductory essays on the Syriac versions in the liturgy, the Syriac Old Testament commentary tradition, and the challenges posed to exegetes by the different Syriac versions of the New Testament, written by the leading scholars in the field. Twenty-one further contributions discuss the patristic and liturgical evidence for the development of the text of the Peshitta and other Syriac versions, as well as the reception and use of those versions in the exegesis and liturgy of the Syriac Churches. These studies are fully updated versions of the papers read at the Third Peshitta Symposium, held in Leiden, 12-15 August 2001.Table of contentsKEYNOTE LECTURESThe Use of the Syriac Versions in the LiturgySebastian P. BrockBetween the School and the Monk's Cell: The Syriac Old Testament Commentary TraditionLucas Van RompayProblems in the Syriac New Testament and How Syrian Exegetes Solved ThemWilliam L. PetersenPAPERSThe Biblical Text in the Disputation of Sergius the Stylite against a JewA. Peter HaymanReworking the Biblical Text in the Dramatic Dialogue Poems on the Old Testament Patriarch JosephKristian HealThe Old Testament in the New: The Syriac Versions of the New Testament as a Witness to the Text of the Old Testament PeshittaJan JoostenThe 'Syriac Masora' and the New Testament PeshittaAndreas JuckelThe Four Kingdoms in Peshitta Daniel 7 in the Light of the Early History of InterpretationArie van der KooijAphrahat's Use of his Old TestamentMarinus D. Koster'There is No Need of Turtle-Doves or Young Pigeons ... ' (Jacob of Sarug). Quotations and Non-Quotations of Leviticus in Selected Syriac WritersDavid J. LaneEphrem, his School, and the Yawnaya: Some Remarks on the Early Syriac Versions of the New TestamentChristian LangeIsho'dad's Knowledge of Hebrew as Evidenced from his Treatment of Peshitta EzekielJerome A. LundThe Text of the New Testament in the Acts of Judas ThomasCraig E. Morrison, O. Carm.Interpretation in the Greek Antiochenes and the Syriac FathersShinichi MutoThe Book of Proverbs in Aphrahat's DemonstrationsRobert J. OwensSirach Quotations in the Discourses of Philoxenus of Mabbug: Text and ContextWido van PeursenThe Reception of Peshitta Chronicles: Some Elements for InvestigationDavid PhillipsThe Greek vs. the Peshitta in a West Syrian Exegetical Collection (BL Add. 12168)Bas ter Haar RomenyThe Peshitta and Biblical Quotations in the Longer Syriac Version of the Commentary of Athanasius on the Psalms (BL Add. 14568), with special attention to Psalm 23 (24) and 102 (103)Harry F. van RooyThe Reception of the Peshitta Psalter in Bar Salibi's Commentary on the PsalmsStephen D. Ryan, O. P.Obscure Words in the Peshitta of Samuel, according to Theodore bar KoniAlison SalvesenNew Testament Quotations in the Breviary of the Syrian Orthodox Church. Example: The Annunciation (Luke 1:26-38)Aho ShemunkashoThe Psalm Headings in the West Syrian TraditionDavid G. K. TaylorPeshitta New Testament Quotations in the West Syrian Anaphoras: Some General ObservationsBaby Varghese
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