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New Testament Manuscripts: Their Texts and Their World (Thomas J Kraus Tobias Nicklas (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2006) 9789004149458
New Testament Manuscripts: Their Texts and Their World (Thomas J Kraus Tobias Nicklas (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2006) 9789004149458
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Title: New Testament Manuscripts: Their Texts and Their World

Author: Kraus, Thomas J Tobias Nicklas (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2006

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004149458

Volumes: 1; Pages: 388

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Comprises twelve essays dealing with manuscripts of the New Testament and/or what we can learn from them today. Starting from different angles the contributors--distinguished scholars of international reputation--focus on the fascinating and thrilling stories manuscripts tell, for instance about the times they were produced in or the people who handled them.The multitude of manuscripts used for establishing the critical text of the New Testament is often only perceived as abbreviations in form of single letters or numerals, and today's biblical scholars may hardly ever take notice of the specific features of an original manuscript, above all those not mentioned in a critical edition. Therefore, three sets of contributions deals with the conditions under which manuscripts from the early days of Christianity were produced and transmitted, specific individual manuscripts, and then special features observed in and with the help of various manuscripts. In a final essay the usual method of how to organize and categorize New Testament manuscripts is challenged and an alternative method proposed.The essays are linked with each other so that readers may get a feeling of how astounding an occupation with the original manuscripts of the New Testament and the days of the early Christians can be.ContentsThe world of New Testament manuscripts: 'every manuscript tells a story' The Jews and the Jewish community in oxyrhynchus: socio-religious context for the New Testament papyri Studien zur Zeschichte der Bibliothek von Gasarca A newly discovered manuscript of Luke's gospel (de Hamel MS 386; Gregory-Aland 0312) One codex, three scribes, and many books: struggles with space in Codex Sinaiticus [actual symbol not reproducible][superscript 78] (P. Oxy. XXXIV 2684): the epistle of jude on an amulet? Theologische linien in Codex Bodmer Miscellam? The text of [actual symbol not reproducible][superscript 46]: evidence of the earliest "commentary" on Romans? The Staurogram in early Christian manuscripts: the earliest visual reference to the crucified Jesus? Manuscripts with the Lord's Prayer--they are more than simply witnesses to that text itself Echo and quotation of the New Testament in Papyrus letters to the end of the fourth century The apocryphal Acts of the Apostles on papyrus: revisiting the question of readership and audience Textual criticism in the light of diverse textual evidence for the Greek New Testament: an expanded proposal
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