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Competing for Honor: A Social-Scientific Reading of Daniel 1-6 (Shane Kirkpatrick) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2005) 9789004144873
Competing for Honor: A Social-Scientific Reading of Daniel 1-6 (Shane Kirkpatrick) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2005) 9789004144873
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Title: Competing for Honor: A Social-Scientific Reading of Daniel 1-6

Author: Kirkpatrick, Shane

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2005

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004144873

Volumes: 1; Pages: xviii, 194

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Using social-scientific criticism, this work presents a reading of Daniel 1-6 as literature of resistance. The characters and episodes of these tales are read against a backdrop of social competition for the cultural value of honor.Each of the tales of Daniel 1-6 is analyzed, revealing a comparison that is sustained throughout the compilation and that pits the Judean tradition in competition with a dominant foreign tradition. The dynamics of comparison and competition are explored in each tale with the help of social-scientific models depicting honor and exploring the related dynamics of purity, patronage, virtue, limited good, and envy.This work is particularly useful for scholars and students interested in social-scientific criticism and the value of that methodology for Hebrew Bible study, as well as for those interested in Daniel, honor and shame, ancient rhetoric, and cultural resistance in the postexilic period.Table of ContentsPREFACEABBREVIATIONSCHAPTER ONE, INTRODUCTION1.0 Introduction2.0 Social-Scientific Criticism2.1 On the map of biblical interpretation2.1.1 Three paradigms of biblical interpretation2.1.2 Divisions within social-scientific criticism2.1.3 Critique from the historical paradigm2.1.4 Critique from the literary paradigm2.1.5 Social-scientific reading2.2 On the map of the social sciences2.2.1 Divisions within the social sciences2.2.2 Paradigms for cultural anthropology2.2.3 The anthropology of honor3.0 A Social-Scientific Reading of Daniel 1-63.1 A model of honor3.1.1 Definition of honor3.1.2 Sources of honor3.1.3 Achieving honor3.1.4 Envy3.1.5 Replication of honor3.1.6 Symbols of honor3.1.7 Collective honor3.1.8 Honor-related social institutions3.2 Thesis and prospectusCHAPTER TWO, RESISTANCE: DANIEL 11.0 The Text1.1 Daniel 1:1-7, 17-211.2 Daniel 1:8-162.0 The Model2.1 For reading Daniel 1:1-7, 17-212.2 For reading Daniel 1:8-163.0 The Reading3.1 Daniel 1:1-73.2 Daniel 1:8-163.2.1 Daniel and the diviners3.2.2 Explicit comparison3.2.3 Comparing more than diets3.3 Daniel 1:17-214.0 SummaryCHAPTER THREE, EXCELLENCE: DANIEL 21.0 The Text1.1 Daniel 2:1-30, 46-491.2 Daniel 2:31-452.0 The Model2.1 Challenge and riposte2.2 The honor of virtuous deeds3.0 The Reading3.1 Daniel 2:1-133.2 Daniel 2:14-303.2.1 Daniel's temperance3.2.2 Daniel's prudence3.2.3 Daniel's righteousness3.2.4 Honor through comparison3.2.5 Honor through excellence3.3 Daniel 2:31-453.4 Daniel 2:46-494.0 SummaryCHAPTER FOUR, ENVY: DANIEL 3 AND 61.0 The Text1.1 Daniel 31.2 Daniel 62.0 The Model2.1 Envy2.2 Labelling and deviance theory3.0 The Reading3.1 Daniel 33.2 Daniel 63.2.1 Envy and honor3.2.2 Labelling and deviance4.0 SummaryCHAPTER FIVE, SUCCESS AND FAILURE: DANIEL 4 AND 51.0 The Text1.1 Daniel 41.2 Daniel 52.0 The Model2.1 Review of the dynamics of honor2.2 Three-zone model of human personality3.0 The Reading3.1 Daniel 43.2 Daniel 54.0 SummaryCHAPTER SIX, CONCLUSION1.0 Review1.1 The value of a social-scientific reading1.2 Results of this social-scientific reading1.3 Contribution of this social-scientific reading2.0 Historical Transposition3.0 Theological ReflectionBIBLIOGRAPHY
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