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Gospel of the Savior: An Analysis of P Oxy 840 and Its Place in the Gospel Traditions of Early Christianity (Michael J Kruger) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2005) 9789004143937
Gospel of the Savior: An Analysis of P Oxy 840 and Its Place in the Gospel Traditions of Early Christianity (Michael J Kruger) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2005) 9789004143937
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Title: The Gospel of the Savior: An Analysis of P Oxy 840 and Its Place in the Gospel Traditions of Early Christianity

Author: Kruger, Michael J

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2005

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004143937

Volumes: 1; Pages: xvi, 304

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This volume is the first complete analysis of the apocryphal gospel fragment P. Oxy. 840 since its initial discovery nearly a century ago. The fragment recounts a dispute over ritual purity between Jesus and a Pharisaic chief priest in the temple. After an examination of prior research, this work explores the various palaeographical and historical questions raised by this apocryphal story and also offers a new Greek edition and English translation. In particular, P. Oxy. 840's controversial descriptions of ritual purity practices in Herod's temple are evaluated in light of what is known of first-century Judaism. After comparing the text with similar passages in the canonical gospels, the origins of this non-canonical story are traced to second-century Jewish-Christian groups that shared its theological and polemical thrust.Table of ContentsACKNOWLEDGEMENTSABBREVIATIONSINTRODUCTION TO P. OXY. 840I. History of InterpretationA. Initial Interest (1908-1914)B. Subsequent Neglect (1914-1986)C. Occasional Attention (1986-2003)D. SummaryII. Purpose of this StudyCHAPTER ONE: THE CODICOLOGY AND PALAEOGRAPHY OF P. OXY. 840I. The Form of P. Oxy. 840: CodexII. The Material of P. Oxy. 840: ParchmentIII. The Size of P. Oxy. 840A. AmuletsB. Miniature CodicesC. Blau and PreuschenD. SummaryIV. The Hand of P. Oxy. 840V. The Punctuation of P. Oxy. 840A. Enlarged First LetterB. Spaces Between SentencesC. ColoringD. PointsE. Accents/Breathing MarksF DiplhG. DiairesisH. SummaryVI. Scribal Habits of P. Oxy. 840A. CorrectionsB. InconsistenciesVII. Abbreviations in P. Oxy. 840A. Nomina SacraB. OmittedVIII. ConclusionsCHAPTER TWO: TEXT AND TRANSLATION OF P. OXY. 840I. The TextA. Diplomatic TextB. Reading TextC. English TranslationII. CommentaryA. Line 1B. Lines 2-3C. Lines 3-7D. Lines 7-12E. Lines 12-16F. Lines 16-21G. Lines 21-24H. Lines 24-30I. Lines 30-34J. Lines 34-41K. Lines 41-45CHAPTER THREE: THE HISTORICAL PROBLEMS OF P. OXY. 840I. Pharisaic High PriestA. Definition of arciereujB. The Combination of Pharisee and Chief PriestII. Temple Layout and the "Holy Vessels"A. agia skeuhB. agneuthrionIII. Ceremonial Washing and the "Pool of David"A. The Pool of David as a MiqvehB. Dogs and Pigs in the Pool of DavidIV. Restrictions on Entering the TempleA. Immersion Before Entering the TempleB. Dressing in White GarmentsC. The EssenesD. Foot WashingV. ConclusionCHAPTER FOUR: THE RELATIONSHIP OF P. OXY. 840 TO THE CANONICAL GOSPELSI. Pericope 1 (l.1-7)A. Textual Relationships: Vocabulary, Phraseology, GrammarB. Literary Form/StructureC. Origins of the TraditionII. Pericope 2 (l.7-45)A. Textual Relationships: Vocabulary, Phraseology, GrammarB. Five Canonical Passages1. Luke 11:37-522. Matt 23:13-223. John 7:1-524. John 13:105. Mark 7:1-236. SummaryC. Literary Form/StructureD. Origins of the TraditionIII. ConclusionCHAPTER FIVE: TOWARDS PLACING P. OXY. 840 WITHIN EARLY CHRISTIANITYI. The Community of P. Oxy. 840A. Early Heretical GroupsB. Jewish-ChristianC. Which Jewish-Christian Community?D. Who Were the Opponents of P. Oxy. 840?E. Summary and ConclusionsII. Comparison of P. Oxy. 840 to Analogous Apocryphal GospelsA. Gospel of PeterB. P. Egerton 2C. Jewish-Christian GospelsD. The Long Ending of MarkE. The Pericope of the Adulterous WomanIII. Summary and ConclusionsAPPENDIXFIGURE 1FIGURE 2IS P. OXY. 840 A REDACTION OF AN EARLIER APOCRYPHAL STORY?BIBLIOGRAPHYINDICES
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