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Divrei Shalom: Collected Studies of Shalom M Paul on the Bible and the Ancient Near East 1967-2005 (Shalom Paul) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2005) 9789004143678
Divrei Shalom: Collected Studies of Shalom M Paul on the Bible and the Ancient Near East 1967-2005 (Shalom Paul) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2005) 9789004143678
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Title: Divrei Shalom: Collected Studies of Shalom M Paul on the Bible and the Ancient Near East 1967-2005

Author: Paul, Shalom

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2005

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004143678

Volumes: 1; Pages: xx, 540

List Price in Cloth: $239.00 Our price: $203.99

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This volume consists of philological and literary studies written by the author between the years 1967 and 2005 pertaining to the elucidation and explication of various aspects of the narrative, legal, prophetic, and wisdom genres of Biblical literature, with a major emphasis on the textual analysis of themes, idioms, terminology, and lexemes with the aid of Akkadian and Ugaritic source material.Table of Contents1 The image of the oven and the cake in Hosea 7:4-10 32 Deutero-Isaiah and cuneiform royal inscriptions 113 Cuneiform light on Jer. 9:20 234 Exod. 21:10: a threefold maintenance clause 275 Sargon's administrative diction in 2 Kings 17:27 376 Formulaic patterns of law in Israel and Mesopotamia 397 Psalm 72:5--a traditional blessing for the long life of the king 518 Heavenly tablets and the book of life 599 Classifications of wine in Mesopotamian and rabbinic sources 7110 Nehemiah 6:19--counterespionage 7511 Amos 3:15--winter and summer mansions 7712 Fishing imagery in Amos 4:2 8113 An unrecognized medical idiom in Song of songs 6:12 and Job 9:21 9114 1 Samuel 9:7: an interview fee 9515 Unrecognized biblical legal idioms in the light of comparative Akkadian expressions 9916 Adoption formulae: a study of cuneiform and biblical legal clauses 10917 Psalm 27:10 and the Babylonian theodicy 12118 Two cognate Semitic terms for mating and copulation 12519 Job 4:15--a hair raising encounter 12920 Daniel 3:29--a case of 'neglected' blasphemy 13321 Dan 6:8: an Aramaic reflex of Assyrian legal terminology 13922 [actual symbol not reproducible]: Hosea 8:8-10 and ancient Near Eastern royal epithets 14523 A technical expression from archery in Zechariah 9:13a 15524 Biblical analogues to Middle Assyrian law 15925 Exodus 1:21: 'to found a family': a biblical and Akkadian idiom 17726 Gleanings from the Biblical and Talmudic lexica in light of Akkadian 18127 Decoding a 'joint' expression in Daniel 5:6, 16 19528 From Mari to Daniel: instructions for the acceptance of servants into the royal court 20529 Euphemistically 'speaking' and a covetous eye 21330 Untimely death in the Semitic languages 22331 The 'plural of ecstasy' in Mesopotamian and biblical love poetry 23932 Two proposed Janus parallelisms in Akkadian literature 25333 Hosea 7:16: gibberish jabber 25734 'Emigration' from the netherworld in the ancient Near East 26335 A lover's garden of verse: literal and metaphorical imagery in ancient Near Eastern love poetry 27136 The Mesopotamian background of Daniel 1-6 28537 The shared legacy of sexual metaphors and euphemisms: Mesopotamian and biblical literature 29938 A double entendre in Job 15:32 in the light of Akkadian 31539 Daniel 12:9: a technical Mesopotamian scribal term 31940 Hebrew [actual symbol not reproducible] and its interdialectal equivalents 32341 Daniel 6:20: an Aramaic Calque on an Akkadian expression 32942 Jerusalem of gold--revisited 33343 Two cosmographical terms in Amos 9:6 34344 Amos 1:3-2:3: a concatenous literary pattern 35345 Prophets and prophecy 36346 Literary and ideological echoes of Jeremiah in Deutero-Isaiah 39947 A literary reinvestigation of the authenticity of the oracles against the nations of Amos 41748 Amos 3:3-8: the irresistible sequence of cause and effect 43949 Polysensuous polyvalency in poetic parallelism 45750 Polysemous pivotal punctuation: more Janus double entendres 47751 An overlooked double entendre in Jonah 2:5 485Additional writings of Shalom M. Paul 489
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