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Collected Biblical Writings of T C Skeat (Theodore Cressy Skeat J K Elliott (Intro & ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2004) 9789004139206
Collected Biblical Writings of T C Skeat (Theodore Cressy Skeat J K Elliott (Intro & ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2004) 9789004139206
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Title: The Collected Biblical Writings of T C Skeat

Author: Skeat, Theodore Cressy J K Elliott (Intro & ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2004

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004139206

Volumes: 1; Pages: xxxiv, 302

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A high proportion of the many articles published by the papyrologist T. C. Skeat (1907-2003), a former Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Museum, concerns the New Testament. This present collection gathers together papers on Biblical and related matters contributed by Skeat for over sixty years to various publications. The book divides these into three sections: ancient book production, studies on particular Biblical manuscripts and textual critcism. In his Introduction J. K. Elliott assesses the importance of Skeat's work and he incorporates from personal correspondence some of Skeat's later thinking on these topics. A full Bibliography of Skeat's writings is included.ContentsPrefaceIntroductionBibliography of T.C. Skeat's PublicationsA. Ancient Book Production 1. The Use of Dictation in Ancient Book Production [1956] 2. Early Christian Book Production: Papyri and Manuscripts [1969] 3. Two Notes on Papyrus. [1981] I. Was Re-Rolling a Papyrus Roll an Irksome and Time-consuming Task? II. Last Words on the Question: Was an Adhesive Used in the Manufacture of Papyrus?] 4. The Length of the Standard Papyrus Roll and the Cost-advantage of the Codex [1982] 5. Roll versus Codex - A New Approach? [1990] 6. Irenaeus and the Four-Gospel Canon [1992] 7. The Origin of the Christian Codex [1994] 8. Was Papyrus Regarded as 'Cheap' or 'Expensive' in the Ancient World? [1995].B. New Testament Manuscripts 1. a) Four Years' Work on the Codex Sinaiticus [1938] b) Striking Results of Experts' Detective Work [1938] 2. The Provenance of the Codex Alexandrinus [1955] 3. The Codex Vaticanus in the Fifteenth Century [1984] 4. (With B.C. McGing) Notes on Chester Beatty Biblical Papyrus I (Gospels and Acts) [1991] 5. A Codicological Analysis of the Chester Beatty Papyrus Codex of Gospels and Acts (P 45) [1993] 6. The Oldest Manuscript of the Four Gospels? [1997] 7. The Codex Sinaiticus, the Codex Vaticanus and Constantine [1999] 8. The Last Chapter in the History of the Codex Sinaiticus [2000]C. Textual Variants 1. The Lilies of the Field [1938] 2. *** ***: A Note on Mark 3: 20-21[2001] 3. A Note on *** in Mark 7:3 [1990] 4. St Mark 16:8: A Modern Greek Parallel [1949] 5. The 'Second-First' Sabbath (Luke 6:1): The Final Solution [1988] 6. Did Paul Write to 'Bishops and Deacons' at Philippi? A Note on Philippians 1:1[1995] 7. 'Especially the Parchments': A Note on 2 Timothy 4:13 [1979]AppendixesA. The Formation of the Four-Gospel Codex. A Dramatized Account of how it may have come aboutB. The Arrival of the Fifty Bibles in ConstantinopleC. T.C. Skeat on the Dating and Origin of Codex Vaticanus) by J.K. Elliott)IndexesBiblical CitationsNames and Subjects
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