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Iter Italicum: 1-5 users (Paul Oskar Kristeller Luciano Floridi, (ed)) Paperback Book, (Brill, 2003) 9789004132870
Iter Italicum: 1-5 users (Paul Oskar Kristeller Luciano Floridi, (ed)) Paperback Book, (Brill, 2003) 9789004132870
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Title: Iter Italicum: 1-5 users

Author: Kristeller, Paul Oskar Luciano Floridi, (ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2003

Paperback; ISBN: 9789004132870

Volumes: 1;

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The Iter Italicum by P. O. Kristeller constitutes the most comprehensive finding list available of previously uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued Renaissance humanistic manuscripts found in libraries and collections all over the world. Published by Brill Academic Publischers in six volumes between 1963 and 1992, it is an essential tool for any scholar working in the fields of classical, medieval and Renaissance studies.In response to the demands of many users, Brill, in conjunction with Dr Luciano Floridi (Wolfson College, Oxford), is publishing a digital version of the Iter Italicum on CD-ROM, providing full, quick and easy access to the vast body of invaluable information contained in Professor Kristeller's opus magnum. In the course of a few seconds, the user can search through the 6.000 pages comprising over 22 million characters to find the information they need.The CD-ROM offers a wide range of search possibilities. Using Boolean operators, you can search not only on country, place, library and collection, but also on any key word or combination of key words. With this facility, you can obtain virtually instant access to a wealth of information on themes and subjects, MS titles, incipits, and persons (authors, translators, patrons and dedicatees) in the hundreds of collections and thousands of manuscripts listed and excerpted in the Iter Italicum. You can save and load your queries, save the results of searches, and mark, edit and transfer information for use in your own documents or Windows databases. Other helpful features include contexts searches and a built-in dictionary of spelling variants of certain words (which is invoked during queries). You are also able to add your own systems of bookmarks and notes to the text of the Iter Italicum (and to save them to disk for use in later work sessions on the CD-ROM), so that even when used in library setting the Iter Italicum on CD-ROM becomes a personalised research tool.The Iter Italicum on CD-ROM allows you to make full use of the potential of this mine of information. It offers access to types of information that were not easily available in the printed volumes. It therefore facilitates immensely the first state of independent study of the Renaissance and Later Scholasticism and the identification of sources, and as such provides the starting point for any research in the field."Very easy to install. Impressive!... absolutely essential... a fine resource... good searches and marking of materials."--Dr. Germaine Warkentin, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University, Toronto."As an electronic rendering of the Iter Italicum, it has immeasurable advantages over the printed version in terms of speed and efficiency of searching."--Dr. Jill Kraye, The Warburg Institute, London."Well designed."--Prof. William R. Bowen, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University, Toronto.Reviews "... will rank among the most notable achievements of twentieth century scholarship ..."--R. W., Italian Studies."... this is a vivid reminder of how much scholarly work remains to be done and how grateful we continue to be to Professor Kristeller."--Virginia Brown, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies."... to say that this volume [1] will exert a powerful influence on Renaissance studies is certainly no exaggeration."--R. W. Italian Studies."... it remains only to stress once again the inexhaustible richness of this book, and to praise once again the learning and the energy of its author."--Anthony Grafton, Princeton University."... will long serve as a useful guide to very serious scholars of the Renaissance..."--Bibliothque d'Humanisme et Renaissance.
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