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Brill's Companion to Cicero: Oratory and Rhetoric (James M May (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2002) 9789004121478
Brill's Companion to Cicero: Oratory and Rhetoric (James M May (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2002) 9789004121478
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Title: Brill's Companion to Cicero: Oratory and Rhetoric

Author: May, James M (ed)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2002

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004121478

Volumes: 1; Pages: xiv, 632

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This volume is intended as a companion to the study of Cicero's oratory and rhetoric for both students and experts in the field: for the neophyte, it provides a starting point; for the veteran Ciceronian scholar, a place for renewing the dialogue about issues concerning Ciceronian oratory and rhetoric; for all, a site of engagement at various levels with Ciceronian scholarship and bibliography. The book is arranged along roughly chronological lines and covers most aspects of Cicero's oratory and rhetoric. The particular strength of this companion resides in the individual, often very original approach to sundry topics by an array of impressive contributors, all of whom have spent large portions of their careers concentrating upon the oratorical and rhetorical oeuvre of Cicero. A bibliography of relevant items from the past 25 years, keyed to specific Ciceronian works, completes the volume. Brill's Companion to Cicero will become the standard reference work on Cicero for many years.Table of ContentsPreface List of Contributors 1 Cicero: His Life and Career 2 Rhetorical Education in Cicero's Youth 3 Ciceronian Oratory in Context 4 Cicero's Early Speeches 5 Cicero's Consular Speeches 6 The Post Reditum Speeches 7 Ciceronian Invective 8 Cicero's Caesarian Orations 9 The Philippics 10 The Lost and Fragmentary Orations 11 The Intellectual Background of Cicero's Rhetorical Works 12 De Oratore: Rhetoric, Philosophy, and the Making of the Ideal Orator 13 Brutus: The History of Roman Eloquence 14 Orator and the Definition of the Ideal Orator 15 Cicero's Partitiones Oratoriae and Topica: Rhetorical Philosophy and Philosophical Rhetoric 16 Cicero's Oratorical and Rhetorical Legacy 17 A Survey of Selected Recent Work on Cicero's Rhetorica and Speeches Bibliography General Index Index Locorum
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