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Perspectives on Panopolis (A Egberts) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2002) 9789004117532
Perspectives on Panopolis (A Egberts) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2002) 9789004117532
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Title: Perspectives on Panopolis: An Egyptian town from Alexander the Great to the Arab Conquest, Acts From an International Symposium Held in Leiden on 16, 17 and 18 Dece

Author: Egberts, A B P Muhs, J van der Vliet (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2002

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004117532

Volumes: 1; Pages: xx, 286

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Panopolis, the modern town of Akhmm in Southern Egypt, was in Graeco-Roman times an important religious and cultural centre. Its gigantic temple was a stronghold of traditional Egyptian religion. In Late Antiquity it became a major centre of Hellenistic literature and learning and, at the same time, of Coptic monasticism.The sources for Graeco-Roman Panopolis are numerous and diverse. They not only include numerous texts of all genres in various scripts and languages, but archaeological artefacts too. This volume brings together seventeen contributions, dealing with epigraphy, both hieroglyphic and Greek, Greek papyri, Demotic funerary texts, Coptic literature and local monastic architecture. Without neglecting the heuristic problems which these various sources pose, they conjure up a vivid picture of a world marked by profound religious and cultural change.Table of ContentsList of ParticipantsPrefaceAbbreviationsR. S. BAGNALL, Public Administration and the Documentation of Roman PanopolisH. BEHLMER, The City as Metaphor in the Works of Two Panopolitans: Shenoute and BesaA. BLASIUS, Eine bislang unpublizierte Priesterstatuette aus dem ptolemischen PanopolisM. CHAUVEAU, Rive droit, rive gauche. Le nome panopolite au Iie et IIIe sicles de notre reL. CRISCUOLO, A Textual Survey of Greek Inscriptions from Panopolis and the PanopoliteM. DEPAUW, The Late Funerary Material from AkhmimM.-TH. DERCHAIN-URTEL, Epigraphische Anmerkungen zu den Stelen aus AchmimS. EMMEL, From the Other Side of the Nile: Shenute and PanopolisP. GROSSMANN, Die klassischen Wurzeln in Architektur und Dekorsystem der gro�en Kirche des Schenuteklosters bei SuhagJ. HELDERMAN, Panopolis im TriadonS. MCNALLY, Syncretism in Panopolis? The Evidence of the Mary Silk in the Abegg StiftungM. MERTENS, Alchemy, Hermetism and Gnosticism at Panopolis c. 300 A.D.: The Evidence of ZosimusP. VAN MINNEN, The Letter (and Other Papers) of Ammon: Panopolis in the Fourth Century A.D.M. MOSHER, JR., The Book of the Dead Tradition at Akhmim during the Late PeriodT. ORLANDI, The Library of the Monastery of Saint Shenute at AtripeM. SMITH, Aspects of the Preservation and Transmission of Indigenous Religious Traditions in Akhmim and its Environs during the Graeco-Roman PeriodH.-J. THISSEN, Achmim und die demotische LiteraturIndexesPlates
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