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Eusebius of Caesarea against Paganism (Aryeh Kofsky) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2000) 9789004116429
Eusebius of Caesarea against Paganism (Aryeh Kofsky) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 2000) 9789004116429
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Title: Eusebius of Caesarea against Paganism

Author: Kofsky, Aryeh

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2000

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004116429

Volumes: 1; Pages: xiv, 338

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Essential reading for reconstructing early Christianity, the writings of Eusebius of Caesarea (ca. 260-340 C.E.) have held a central place for historians of early Christianity. Eusebius's Ecclesiastical History frequently stands on the scholar's shelf alongside the writings of Josephus or Philo of Alexandria. While apologists like Irenaeus and Origen have stood squarely in the spotlight, Eusebius has remained in the shadows. Kofsky contends that the value of Eusebius's own apologetic and theological writings has been neglected. He corrects this deficit and invites us to see Eusebius as a 'contender for the faith' in his own right. To accomplish his goal, Kofsky takes us on a detailed tour of two of Eusebius's key documents: Eusebius's Praeparatio Evangelica and Demonstratio Evangelica.Table of ContentsPreface Abbreviations Introduction Background Apologetics and Polemics before Eusebius The Caesarean BackgroundThe PersecutionsPorphyry's Polemic against the ChristiansThe Contents of the FragmentsApologetics and Polemics in Non Apologetic and Early Apologetic-Polemical WorksApologetics in Non Apologetic WorksThe Chronicle The Ecclesiastical HistoryThe Life of ConstantineIn Praise of Constantine Early Apologetic-Polemical WritingsThe General Basic Introduction and the Prophetic Extracts Against HieroclesAgainst Porphyry Praeparatio Evangelica and Demonstratio Evangelica--A Single Apologetic-Polemical Enterprise General Plan, Basic Characteristics and Principal QuestionsInternal Division The Jewish Aspect of the Demonstratio Evangelica The Concept of Christian Prehistory--A Central Axis of the Polemic Development of the Conception Major Conceptual Problems and Their SolutionsThe Life of Jesus according to the Law of MosesThe Numerous Progeny of the PatriarchsThe Problem of Sacrifices The Christians' Neglect of Science--A Conceptual Difficulty and Polemical Problem; The Apologetic Role of SocratesThe Concept of the Development of Polytheism and Its Complementary Apologetic RoleProphecy in the Service of Polemics Pagan Oracles and Hebrew-Christian ProphecyThe Actualization of Biblical Prophecies Jesus the Prophet The Vague Language of Prophecy An Example of Apologetic Interpretation of Prophecy ConclusionMiracles: A Major Subject in Eusebius' Polemics Eusebius' Ambivalent Attitude to Miracles Miracles as Proof of the Divinity of Jesus and the Truth of the Christian Faith The Difficulty of Proving the Divinity of Christ on the Basis of MiraclesOn Those Who Reject the Authenticity of Jesus' MiraclesOn Arguments that Miracles Depend on Magic and SorceryOn Arguments Alleging Jesus' Weakness, Wretchedness and Cowardice Minor Apologetic-Polemical Arguments and IssuesThe Roman Empire and the Incarnation The PersecutionsOn Arguments Concerning the Late Date and Geographical Remoteness of Jesus' Appearance On Criticism of the Literary Style of Scripture, and Contradictions between the Old and New Testaments, and between the Gospels On Prophecy in the Book of Daniel Other Implied Arguments Tactics, Rhetoric, and the Role of Porphyry in the Dual Composition Tactics and RhetoricThe Role of Porphyry in the Dual Composition (PE-DE)Porphyry as Supporting TestimonyA Critique of Porphyry's Views and Inconsistencies The Theophany: The Final Apologetic Statement General Analysis The Attitude to PlatoPeace, Empire, Incarnation, and the Success of Christianity Resurrection The Fulfillment of the Prophecies of Jesus as Argument and ProofConclusion Bibliography Indexes Names and Subjects Sources
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