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Athenian Generals: Military Authority in the Classical Period (Debra Hamel) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 1998) 9789004109001
Athenian Generals: Military Authority in the Classical Period (Debra Hamel) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 1998) 9789004109001
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Title: Athenian Generals: Military Authority in the Classical Period

Author: Hamel, Debra

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 1998

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004109001

Volumes: 1; Pages: 248

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This study of the Athenian strategia is concerned with identifying the locus of military authority in the Athenian polis.Consideration of the role played by generals in the deliberative and final stages of military expeditions and of the relationship between strategoi and their subordinates, colleagues, and the Athenian demos itself suggests that Athens' generals did not exercise significant authority over their city's military operations. Rather, the demos controlled its generals both by means of its direct involvement in decision-making related to campaigns and by establishing in Athens a climate of fear which was very often sufficient to dissuade generals from acting in opposition to the Athenians' will.This volume is important reading for anyone who is interested in ancient military history or the question of sovereignty in Athens.ContentsAcknowledgments List of Tables and Figures Abbreviations of Ancient Authors and Texts Bibliographic Abbreviations Introduction Pt. 1 Strategoi and the Campaign 1 Deliberation and Preparation for War 2 The Aftermath of Combat Pt. 2 Strategoi and their Subordinates 3 Athens' Generals and their Troops and Subordinate Officers Pt. 3 Strategoi and their Colleagues 4 Strategoi and the Polemarch 5 Authority in the Strategia 6 Athens' Strategoi and Allied Commanders Pt. 4 Strategoi and the Demos 7 The Demos and Generals in the Field 8 Disciplinary Action 9 Conclusions App. 1 Manning the Walls and Manning the Pnyx App. 2 The Miltiades Decree App. 3 490/89: Miltiades' Parian Expedition App. 4 Themistokles and the Athenian Response to the Second Persian Invasion App. 5 c. 476/5: Kimon's Skyrian Expedition App. 6 456/5: Tolmides' Periplous of the Peloponnese App. 7 Kimon's Alleged Recall from Ostracism and the 451/0 Expedition to Cyprus App. 8 440/39: Perikles, Aspasia, and the Expedition to Samos App. 9 433/2: Perikles and the Expedition to Corcyra App. 10 Vote on Aristeia at the Isthmus of Corinth, 480/79 App. 11 The Strategos epi sous Hoplitas App. 12 On the Status of Menandros and Euthydemos in 413/12 App. 13 Strategoi Autokratores App. 14 Fatalities App. 15 Note on the Retirement of Alkibiades to the Chersonese in 407/6 App. 16 Note on Philokles' Generalship Texts Bibliography General Index Index of Passages Cited Index of Strategoi Index of Modern Authors
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