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Mari and the Bible (Abraham Malamat) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 1998) 9789004108639
Mari and the Bible (Abraham Malamat) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 1998) 9789004108639
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Title: Mari and the Bible

Author: Malamat, Abraham

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 1998

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004108639

Volumes: 1; Pages: viii, 270

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The town of Mari is situated on the Euphrates, near the eastern Syrian border. This study compares the 18th century B.C. Old Babylonian texts from Mari with the Hebrew Scriptures and the early history of Israel. Given the West Semitic or Amorite character of both Mari and the Bible, this comparison may rightly be called imperative.Mari and the Bible contains 22 chapters of essays, both old and new, conveniently assembled here and divided into three sections: 1) Mari and the West, dealing with Mari documents pertaining to Syria and Palestine, as well as the Mediterranean region. 2) Prophecy, dealing with Mari prophetical texts, particularly those recently published as compared to Biblical prophecy. 3) Customs and Society, also including topics such as female royal correspondence, the royal harem, the epithet 'Great King' and king-lists involving the cult of the dead.Table of ContentsPreface 1 Introductory Essay--Mari and the Bible: A Comparative Perspective Pt. 1 Mari and the West 2 The Cultural Impact of the West (Syria-Palestine) on Mesopotamia in the Old Babylonian Period 3 The Sacred Sea 4 Mari and its Relations with the Eastern Mediterranean 5A Hazor Once Again in New Mari Documents 5B Mari and Hazor: Trade Relations in the Old Babylonian Period 5C Mari and Hazor: The Implication for the Middle Bronze Age Chronology Pt. 2 Prophecy 6 Intuitive Prophecy--A General Survey 7 Prophetic Revelations in Mari and the Bible: Complementary Considerations 8 Episodes Involving Samuel and Saul and the Prophetic Texts from Mari 9 A Mari Prophecy and Nathan's Dynastic Oracle 10 Parallels between the New Prophecies from Mari and Biblical Prophecy 11 New Light from Mari (ARM XXVI) on Biblical Prophecy 12 The Secret Council and Prophetic Involvement in Mari and Israel 13 New Mari Documents and Prophecy in Ezekiel 14 A New Prophetic Message from Aleppo and its Biblical Counterparts 15 Deity Revokes Kingship--Towards Intellectual Reasoning in Mari and in the Bible Pt. 3 Customs and Society 16 A Recently Discovered Word for "Clan" in Mari and its Hebrew Cognates 17 A Note on the Ritual of Treaty Making in Mari and the Bible 18 Is there a Word for the Royal Harem in the Bible? The Inside Story 19 The Correspondence of Sibtu, Queen of Mari in ARM X 20 The Great King--A Pre-eminent Royal Title in Cuneiform Sources and in the Bible 21 'Amm L'BADAD YISKON: A Diplomatic Report from Mari and an Oracle of Balaam 22 King Lists of the Old Babylonian Period and Biblical Genealogies Abbreviations List of Archives Royales de Mari (ARMT) Indices
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