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Jesus in Context: Temple, Purity and Restoration (Bruce Chilton Craig A Evans) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 1997) 9789004107465
Jesus in Context: Temple, Purity and Restoration (Bruce Chilton Craig A Evans) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 1997) 9789004107465
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Title: Jesus in Context: Temple, Purity and Restoration

Author: Chilton, Bruce Craig A Evans

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 1997

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004107465

Volumes: 1; Pages: xi, 572

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The Proclamation of Jesus seeks to place Jesus in the context of first-century Palestinian Judaism. The authors hope to discern the essence of his preaching, his concept of the kingdom of God, and the place of purity in his teaching and activities.Better methods for assessing not simply the authenticity of reported sayings and deeds, but for tracing the development of tradition are considered. The authors are convinced that most of the Synoptic tradition is authentic, but that much of it has been reinterpreted and recontextualized. Herein lies the real challenge for those investigating the historical Jesus.The Proclamation of Jesus opens up new avenues of study and makes new proposals for understanding Jesus in the context of his place and time.ContentsPreface Abbreviations Introduction Pt. 1 Theoretical Studies Early Rabbinic Sources and Jesus Research Ideological Diets in a Feast of Meanings The Hungry Knife: Towards a Sense of Sacrifice Mishnah and Messiah "in Context": Some Comments on Jacob Neusner's Proposals Reconstructing Jesus' Teaching: Prospects and Proposals Pt. 2 Background Studies Jesus within Judaism John the Purifier E. P. Sanders and the Question of Jesus and Purity Are the Wicked Tenant Farmers "Peasants"? Jesus' Parable and Lease Agreements in Antiquity The Temple in the Isaiah Targum Aspects of Exile and Restoration in the Proclamation of Jesus and the Gospels Pt. 3 Exegetical Studies A Generative Exegesis of Mark 7:1-12 Shebna, Eliakim, and the Promise to Peter A Coin of Three Realms (Matthew 17:24-27) "Who Touched Me?" Jesus and the Ritually Impure "Do This and You Will Live": Targumic Coherence in Luke 10:25-28 Jesus' Action in the Temple: Cleansing or Portent of Destruction? Sitting on the Twelve Thrones of Israel: Scripture and Politics in Luke 22:24-30 The Trial of Jesus Reconsidered BibliographyIndex of Ancient Writings Index of Modern Authors
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