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Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche (Emanuel Tov) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 1993) 9789004104341
Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche (Emanuel Tov) Hardcover Book, (Brill, 1993) 9789004104341
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Title: The Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche

Author: Tov, Emanuel

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 1993

Hardcover; ISBN: 9789004104341

Volumes: 1; Pages: ii, 187

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134 positive silver halide microfiches in binder with printed guide and introduction, approx. 6,500 photosA Comprehensive Facsimile Edition of the Texts from the Judaean Desert Companion Volume. Inventory List of Photographs, Compiled by Stephen A. Reed and Edited by Marilyn J. Lundberg. Published under the Auspices of the Israel Antiquities Authority Edited by Emanuel Tov with the Collaboration of Stephen J. PfannThe Dead Sea Scrolls comprise the most important manuscript discovery in the field of biblical and early Jewish and Christian studies to have been made in this century. In 1947 the first manuscripts were discovered in a cave high above the shore of the Dead Sea in the vicinity of the ruins of Qumran. In subsequent years ten more caves were unearthed, and in the course of several archaeological campaigns complete scrolls and thousands of fragments of approximately 800 biblical and non-biblical writings were brought to light.Apart from the Qumran discoveries, manuscripts and epigraphs have been found in other locations in the desert of Judah, such as Wadi ed-Daliyeh, Wadi Murabba'at, Khirbet Mird, Nahal Hever, and Masada.The documents from the Judaean Desert date from ca. 300 B.C.E. to 70 C.E. They provide unique and invaluable information on the textual transmission of the Hebrew Bible, and on the history of Ancient Judaism and the beginnings of Christianity.Yet, over forty years after being discovered, a significant part of the documents still awaits official publication. With the publication of The Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche scholars can for the first time in the history of the study of these documents gain full and easy access to the discoveries. The present comprehensive collection makes available all the known written documents and several artefacts from the Desert of Judah.For the production of this facsimile edition use has been made of photographic archives in Jerusalem, including the Rockefeller Museum and the Shrine of the Book. A total of approximately five thousand photographs are reproduced on high-quality silver halide microfiches which provide for archival durability and offer a superior half-tone reproduction of the facsimiles.The accompanying printed guide consists of two parts. The first part is formed by an introduction to the edition by Emanuel Tov which includes a chronological table of Judaean Desert surveys, and a unique logbook of the original photographer of the documents. The second part consists of a key to the edition based on the Dead Sea Scrolls Inventory Project conducted by Stephen A. Reed of the Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center in Claremont, California. This key identifies the contents of the documents included in the edition and facilitates access to the entire corpus of texts.A co-publication with IDC Microform Publishers, Leiden, the Netherlands."It is beautiful and very useful... the accompanying two books are indispensible--no one working on the scrolls can do without it."--Magen Broshi, 1993."... splendidly done ... very easy and rewarding to use. This really is a major success."--Eugene Ulrich, 1993."... no research library can afford to be without it, and every scholar working on the scrolls will need to have access to it."--John J. Collins, Journal of Biblical Literature, 1994."This project is of extremely high quality. ... Further, this is the most complete set of photos ever issued. ... This microfiche edition represents the full and formal disclosure of the entire corpus of Judaean Desert manuscripts and moves considerably beyond what was available from the Huntington and the Robinson/Eisenman facsimile edition."--Lawrence H. Schiffman, Religious Studies Review, 1994."Emanuel Tov and Stephen Pfann have brought us a tool which is of enormous value, particularly because of the high resolution of the images and the exhaustive nature of the collection."--E. D. Herbert and D. K. Falk, Vetus Testamentum, 1994."... this microfiche edition now provides for scholars the best access to the scrolls in the condition that they were in when first discovered and deciphered."--Michael A. Knibb, Dead Sea Discoveries, 1994."This edition is valuable, then, not just for the photos themselves but for the light the Companion Volume casts on the process by which they were taken and arranged."--P. R. Davies, Society for Old Testament Studies, 1994."This in its form unconventional publication of all Dead Sea Scrolls is both the fulfilment of dreams and the answer to complains about slow access to the texts. The contribution of the microfiche edition to the further study of the Dead Sea Scrolls connot be overstated. It can be expected that the new, very strong tide of valuable materials made accessible will stimulate a new period of research, and then the growing interest of the broader public ... [a] magnificent undertaking."--Communio Viatorum, 1994.
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