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Ugarit-Forschungen 37 (2005) In memoriam Stanislav Segert (Manfried Dietrich) Hardcover Book, (Ugarit Verlag, 2006) 9783934628786

Title: Ugarit-Forschungen 37 (2005) In memoriam Stanislav Segert

Author: Dietrich, Manfried

Additional Authors or Contributors: (ed)

Publisher: Ugarit Verlag; Publication Date: 2006

Hardcover; ISBN: 9783934628786

Volumes: 1; Pages: x, 869

List Price in Hardcover: $196.00 Our price: $157.99

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Providing a wealth of scholarly articles of the highest quality in the fields of history, archaeology, and linguistics, Ugarit-Forschungen is a vital resource for every ancient Near Eastern and biblical research library. Scholars from more than a dozen countries contribute articles and numerous reviews. More than 900 pages are devoted to the history, archaeology, and philology of ancient Syria, Israel/Palestine, and Jordan.


Stanislav Segert in memoriam

Anbar, Moshe Deux termes amurrites et h breux

Blockman, Noga / Guillaume, Philippe Bull-leaping in Ancient Israel

Bretschneider, Joachim Der Verh ltnis von Palast und Tempel im fr hen Mesopotamien

Buchholz, H.-G. Beobachtungen zur nah stlichen, zyprischen und fr hgriechischen L wenikonographie

Dietrich, Manfried / Loretz, Oswald Der Begriff editio princeps in der Ugaritologie

Dietrich, Manfried / Loretz, Oswald Vier graphische Besonderheiten im Marzihu-Text KTU 3.9

Dietrich, Manfried / Loretz, Oswald "Weihen" ('ly S) von pgr, Ochsen und Gegenst nden in KTU 6.13, 6.14 und 6.62

Dietrich, Manfried / Loretz, Oswald Alalah-Texte der Schicht VII (II). Schuldtexte, Vermerke und Sonstiges

Dijkstra, Meindert The myth of apsi "the (sea)dragon" in the Hurrian tradition A new join (KBo 27,180)

Faist, Betina I. / Justel, Josu -Javier / Vita, Juan-Pablo Bibliografia de los estudios de Emar (2)

Finkelstein, Israel Hazor at the End of the Late Bronze Age A Reassessment

Gross, Andrew D. A Heretofore Unrecognized Legal Formula in KTU 3.9

Hays, Christopher B. Kirtu and the "Yoke of the Poor" A New Interpretation of an Old Crux (KTU 1.6 VI 48)

Heltzer, M. Some Thoughts about the Last Days of Ugarit

LeMon, Joel M. The Power of Parallelism in KTU2 1119 Another "Trial Cut"

Loretz, Oswald Der akkadisch-ugaritisch-hebr ische Parallelismus libbu / lb // kabattu / kbd "Herz" // "Leber" in Psalm 16,9. Eine lexikalische Studie zu ugaritisch lb und kbd

Loretz, Oswald Ugaritisch-kanaan ische Poetik in den Nichtigkeitsfl chen des Micha-Buches 6,14-15

Loretz, Oswald Die "fetten"Wagenspuren des Wettergottes Baal/YHWH auf den H hen (KTU 1.4 V 6-9; 1.16 VI 57-58; Psalm 65,12) und ein Selbstportr t Baals (KTU 1.3 III 20b-28a) Die drei Parallelismen snt // m'gl, twbh // dsn, brq // rgm

Loretz, Oswald Hurr./akk. abi = ug./he.'ap/'wb "Totengeist(er)-Grube" mit Hundeopfer Arch ozoologie und KTU 1.16 I 2-3a

Myn rov , Jana "Akizzi of Qatna-A Case of a Diplomatic faux pas?"

Na'aman, Nadav Was Ahab Killed by an Assyrian Arrow in the Battle of Qarqar?

Na'aman, Nadav Resident-Alien or Residing Foreign Delegate? On the ubaru in Some Late Bronze Age Texts

Prosser, Miller Detailed Epigraphic Notes on KTU 1.4 VII 19

Rehm, Ellen "Auf zu den Ufern des Nils" Vorderasiatica in gypten im 1. Jahrtausend v. Chr.

R mer, W. H. Ph. Zur Deutung der Version A der Dichtung "Bilgames und Huwawa" unter Ber cksichtigung der Zedernwaldproblematik (A. 9a, 1-12)

Scigliuzzo, Elena The "Wig and Wing Workshop" of Iron Age Ivory Carving

Skaist, Aaron When did Ini-Tesub succeed to the Throne of Carchemish?

Strawn, Brent A. Who's Listening to Whom? A Syntactical Note on the Melqart Inscription

Vidal, Jordi The Political Decadence of Beirut (14th-7th Centuries B.C.E)

Vidal, Jordi Ugarit at War (1) The Size and Geographical Origin of the hrd-militia

Vita, Juan-Pablo Der biblische Ortsname Zaphon und die Amarnabriefe EA 273-274

Way, Kenneth C. Balaam's Hobby-Horse The Animal Motif in the Balaam Traditions

Wyatt, N. The Religious Role of the King in Ugarit

Yona, Shamir Repetition and Variation in Biblical Texts

Yun, Il-Sung Andrew The Transjordanian Languages During the Iron Age II


Pardee, D. G. del Olmo Lete's Views on Ugaritic Epigraphy and Religion

Buchbesprechungen und Buchanzeigen Abk rzungsverzeichnis

Indizes A. Stellen B. W rter C. Namen D. Sachen

Anschriften der Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter
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