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Ugarit-Forschungen 36 (2004-2005) (Manfried Dietrich) Hardcover Book, (Ugarit Verlag, 2006) 9783934628656

Title: Ugarit-Forschungen 36 (2004-2005)

Author: Dietrich, Manfried

Additional Authors or Contributors: Oswald Loretz (eds)

Publisher: Ugarit Verlag; Publication Date: 2006

Hardcover; ISBN: 9783934628656

Volumes: 1; Pages: vi, 755

List Price in Hardcover: $173.00 Our price: $139.99

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Providing a wealth of scholarly articles of the highest quality in the fields of history, archaeology, and linguistics, Ugarit-Forschungen is a vital resource for every ancient Near Eastern and biblical research library. Scholars from more than a dozen countries contribute articles and numerous reviews. More than 700 pages are devoted to the history, archaeology, and philology of ancient Syria, Israel/Palestine, and Jordan.


Chalmers, Aaron: RS 25.460 and Early Hebrew Poetry

Dietrich, Manfried: Der kult(ur)geographische und zeitliche Horizont ugaritischer und hurritischer Priester

Dietrich, Manfried: Salmanassar I. von Assyrien, Ibiranu (VI.) von Ugarit und Tudhalija IV. von Hatti. Ein Korrekturnachtrag

Dietrich, Manfried / Loretz, Oswald: Alalah-Texte der Schicht VII (I). Historische und juristische Dokumente

Dietrich, Manfried / Loretz, Oswald: Der Brief des Jarimlim von Alalah (ATaB 11.01 = ATT 39/182.24)

Faust, Avraham: Social and Cultural Changes in Judah during the 6th Century B.C.E. and their Implications for our Understanding of the Nature of the Neo-Babylonian Period

Gabbay, Uri: Wiping Away Tears in Akkadian Literature. dimta h^at,apu and the Semitic Roots h^t,p/h,tp

Herrmann, W.: Die Rede von g ttlichem Schlafen im Alten Testament

Kogan, Leonid: Ugaritic mm'm 'brain' revisited

Loretz, Oswald: Das pharaonische Wagengespann mit Stute des Canticums (1,9-11) in hippologisch-militaergeschichtlicher Sicht

Loretz, Oswald: Aegyptisierende, mesopotamisierende und ugaritisierende Interpretationen der Goetter M t und Eros in Canticum 8,6-7: "Die Liebe ist so stark wie M t."

Loretz, Oswald: Die ugaritisch-hebraeische Gefaessbezeichnung trq/twrq in Canticum 1,3. Liebesdichtung in der westsemitischen Wein- und Olivenkultur

Mabie, Frederick J.: The Syntactical and Structural Function of Horizontal Dividing Lines in the Literary and Religious Texts of the Ugaritic Corpus (KTU 1)

Mazzini, Giovanni: Further Lexical Material to Ugaritic 'BM "Height" (KTU 1.83,8) and Some Comparative Remarks

Merlo, Paolo: apilum of Mari. A Reappraisal

M nnich, Maciej M.: Hezekiah and Archaeology. The Answer for Nadav Na'aman

Ortlund, Eric: A Window of Appearance for Baal? Temples, Chaos, and Divine Appearance in Ugarit and Egypt

Parker, Simon B.: The Use of Similes in Ugaritic Literature

Roemer, W. H. Ph.: Zu einem Kudurru aus Nippur aus dem 16. Jahre Nebukadnezars I. (etwa 1110 v. Chr.)

Roemer, W. H. Ph.: Ein altbabylonisches Kompendium von Gallenblasenomina

Schmitt, Ruediger: Die fruehe Koenigszeit in Israel. Anmerkungen zur aktuellen Diskussion um die niedrige Chronologie in Palaestina/Israel

Spencer, Bradley J.: The Relationship between Sentence Stress and Bilabial Alternation in Ugaritic

Tarazi, Matthew S.: A Cloud Roams and Beautifies by Spitting Out Her Brother. KTU 1.96 and its Relation to the Baal Cycle

Tropper, Josef: Zehn neue Texte aus Ugarit

Vita, Juan-Pablo: RS 15.176 et RS 15.176bis. Deux bulletins ougaritiques de livraison de v tements

Watson, Wilfred G. E.: A Hittite Loanword in Ugaritic?


Del Olmo Lete, Gregorio: The Ugaritic Ritual Texts. A New Edition and Commentary. A Critical Assessment

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