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Ugarit-Forschungen 46 (Manfried Dietrich) Hardcover Book, (Ugarit Verlag, 2015) 9783868351811
Ugarit-Forschungen 46 (Manfried Dietrich) Hardcover Book, (Ugarit Verlag, 2015) 9783868351811
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Title: Ugarit-Forschungen 46

Author: Dietrich, Manfried

Additional Authors or Contributors: Ingo Kottsieper (eds)

Publisher: Ugarit Verlag; Publication Date: 2015

Hardcover; ISBN: 9783868351811

Volumes: 1; Pages: 544

List Price in Hardcover: $243.00 Our price: $195.99

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This years volume of Ugarit-Forschungen again bears witness of wide range of Ancient Levantine and Ancient Eastern Mediterranean scholarship. Archaeological reports present excavations on Cyprus (Pyla-Kokkinokrimos), ossuaries from the Chalcolithic Peqi'in Cave and Canaanite Scarabs from Kherbit el-Jami'. A paleographical study examines the ductus of monumental northwest Semitic inscriptions. And contributions on the relationship of the gods Milkom and El and on Horon and Seth enrich our knowledge of the history of Near Eastern religion.


Joachim Bretschneider / Athanasia Kanta / Jan Driessen Pyla-Kokkinokremos: Preliminary Report on the 2014 Excavations 1

Guy Bunnens: On Upper and Lower Aram Again

Collin Cornell: A Moratorium on God Mergers? The Case of El and Milkom in the Ammonite Onomasticon

Manfried Dietrich: Die keilalphabetische Inschrift KTU 6.1 auf dem Bronzemesser aus dem Tabor-Tal

Gershon Galil: A New Look at the History of Jabesh-Gilead (Tell Abu al-Kharaz) in the Light of New Archaeological and Epigraphic Data 105

Erasmus Gass: Schoschenq und Jerusalem. Probleme einer historischen Rekonstruktion

Philippe Guillaume: Naboth the Nabob. A View from Assyrian Jezreel

Issam K. H. Halayqa: Two Canaanite Scarabs from Kherbit el-Jami' (el-'Ubayat) South of Bethlehem

Kyle H. Keimer: The Impact of Ductus on Script Form and Development in Monumental Northwest Semitic Inscriptions

Joseph Livni: Investigation of Population Growth of Ancient Israel

Valerie Matoian: Horon et Shed a Ugarit: textes et images

Ianir Milevski / Omry Barzilai / Nimrod Getzov / Ariel Vered: An Animal Relief from 'Ein Zippori, Lower Galilee

Juan Oliva: On the Order of Shuppiluliuma in Syria. Reading the Hurrian of the Qatna Letter TT1

Julie Patrier: D�tail et alimentation dans l'iconographie syro-anatolienne (IIIe?Ier mill�naires av. J.-C.). Partie II: Pomme de pin ou gigot?

Christa Sch�fer-Lichtenberger: PTGYH - Divine Anonyma? The Goddess of the Ekron Inscription

Ola Wikander: Emphatics, Sibilants and Interdentals in Hebrew and Ugaritic. An Interlocking Model

Nicolas Wyatt: The Evidence of the Colophons in the Assessment of Ilimilku?s Scribal and Authorial Role

Jonathan Yogev / Shamir Yona: Visual Poetry in KTU 1.2

Irit Ziffer / Dina Shalem: "Receive my Breast and suck from it, that you may live". Towards the Imagery of two Ossuaries from the Chalcolithic Peqi`in Cave

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