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Ancient Mesopotamian Religion: A Descriptive Introduction (Ivsn Hrusa) Paperback Book, (Ugarit Verlag, 2017) 9783868351187
Ancient Mesopotamian Religion: A Descriptive Introduction (Ivsn Hrusa) Paperback Book, (Ugarit Verlag, 2017) 9783868351187
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Title: Ancient Mesopotamian Religion: A Descriptive Introduction

Author: Hrusa, Ivsn

Publisher: Ugarit Verlag; Publication Date: 2017

Paperback; ISBN: 9783868351187

Volumes: 1; Pages: 232

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The aim of this publication is to provide an overview of the religious world and practice of the inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia, as it is transmitted to us by the archaeological and, primarily, written Mesopotamian sources. The book provides a practical description base on ancient sources and illustrated continuously with passages from Mesopotamian texts. The history of ancient Mesopotamia covers roughly three thousand years and its territory is a vast area which was inhabited by many nations of different cultures, and where states and nations replaced one another. The Mesopotamian religion cannot beconceived as a unitary or even a uniform system.It should not come as a surprise that these traditionsmay vary with or contradict one another. The chapters are devoted to theprincipal Mesopotamian divinities, temple and temple cult, prayers, rituals and the various forms of divination, all of which are supplemented by up-to-date bibliographical references.



1. Concept of divinity in Mesopotamia

1.1. The gods

1.2. Other supernatural beings

1.3. The personal god

1.4. Henotheistic tendencies

1.5. me: offices, rites and attributes of the divine cult and rule

2. Principal Mesopotamian divinities

2.1. An/Anum

2.2. Enlil

2.3. Enki/Ea

2.4. Nanna/Sin

2.5. Utu/Smas

2.6. Iskur/Adad

2.7. Inanna/Istar

2.8. Ningirsu/Ninurta

2.9. Marduk

2.10. Assur

3. Temple, representations of the gods, personnel assigned to cult

3.1. Residence of the divinity

3.2. Representations of the gods

3.3. The personnel of the cult

4. Temple cult

4.1. Most important cultic acts

4.2. Divine meal in the temple

4.3. Calendar

4.4. Celebration of the New Year at Babylon during the first millennium

5. Prayers

5.1. Third millennium and its direct heritage in the Old Babylonian period

5.2. Prayers of the second and first millennium

6. Rituals of the incantation expert

6.1. Various types of rituals

6.2. Bit rimki

7. Divination

7.1. Divinatory signs and oracles

7.2. Development from an empirical and historical base?

7.3. Aims of divination

7.4. Specialists in the area of divination

7.5. Defence against the evil of unfavourable signs

7.6. Various types of divination

Bibliographical references

Selected topical bibliography

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