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Canaanite Scribes in the Amarna Letters (Juan-Pablo Vita) Hardcover Book, (Ugarit Verlag, 2005) 9783868350982
Canaanite Scribes in the Amarna Letters (Juan-Pablo Vita) Hardcover Book, (Ugarit Verlag, 2005) 9783868350982
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Title: Canaanite Scribes in the Amarna Letters

Author: Vita, Juan-Pablo

Publisher: Ugarit Verlag; Publication Date: 2005

Hardcover; ISBN: 9783868350982

Volumes: 1; Pages: 272

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The Syro-Palestinian Amarna letters have a multiple linguistic interest. The language used in the 14th century B. C. in the letters from the Syro-Palestinian vassals from Egypt, known as Canaano-Akkadian, seems to be Akkadian based on an Old Babylonian dialect. But they were the work of autochthonous Syro-Palestinian scribes, whose mother tongue was a North-West Semitic language which frequently seeped into the Akkadian language, regarding morphology, syntax and lexicon. Throughout the last four decades there has been increasing evidence that the language used in the Amarna Palestinian letters is not uniform, which has led to focusing on the study of local corpora or subcorpora. The direct and thorough analysis of these texts revealed, through the palaeography of the letters, that one single scribe could write documents for two or more kings simultaneously. The book contains two main parts. The first one intends to individualize the hands of the scribes who wrote the letters from the small kingdoms of Syria-Palestine. The various corpora are presented and the analysis of the correspondence from each corpora is structured according to the following pattern: historical corpus, linguistic corpus, identified scribes, and general comment. The purpose of the second part is to show the usefulness of the methodology of palaeographic identification of the hands of the scribe as a tool for future philological, linguistic and historical investigations of the Canaanite Amarna letters. The volume is supplemented by many detail photographs of the cuneiform tablets under discussion.


Preface and Acknowledgments

1. Introduction

1.1. The Amarna Letters

1.2. Language, Dialects and Scribes in the Syro-Palestinian Amarna Letters

1.3. The Origins of the Investigation

1.4. Methodology

1.5. Palaeographic Identification of Scribes

1.6. Digital Photography

1.7. Petrography

1.8. Structure of the Work

2. Localities and Scribes

2.1. Syrian Kingdoms in the Middle Orontes

2.2. Amurru and Neighbouring Kingdoms

2.3. The Beqa?

2.4. Meridional Syria

2.5. Phoenicia

2.6. Northern

2.7. Central and Southern Palestine

3. Case studies and perspectives

3.1. Scribe?s Hands, Petrography, and Correction Factors

3.2. Digital Photography and Joins

3.3. Text Layout and Palaeography

3.4. Toponymy

3.5. Historical Perspective

3.6. Scribes, Linguistic Issues and Canaanite Dialects

3.7. Localities and Scribes

Abbreviations and Bibliography





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