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Khirbet Qumran et 'Ain Feshkha II: Studies of Anthropology, Physics and Chemistry (Jean-Baptiste Humbert J Gunneweg (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2003) 9783525539736
Khirbet Qumran et 'Ain Feshkha II: Studies of Anthropology, Physics and Chemistry (Jean-Baptiste Humbert J Gunneweg (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2003) 9783525539736
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Title: Khirbet Qumran et 'Ain Feshkha II: Studies of Anthropology, Physics and Chemistry

Author: Humbert, Jean-Baptiste J Gunneweg (eds)

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht; Publication Date: 2003

Hardcover; ISBN: 9783525539736

Volumes: 1; Pages: xxv, 483

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While volume I provided a report of the archaeological excavation and a list of the finds at Khirbet Qumran, volume II seeks to clarify them by applying the latest scientific techniques. Scholars from different interdisciplinary fields have worked together, each in his/her own discipline, to provide answers concerning the provenance of Qumran's pottery in order to ascertain with whom the inhabitants were in contact. A classification of the textile remains and an examination of their craftsmanship have provided information about the communitarian and / or religious background of the people at Qumran. The deciphering of Qumran's graffiti, the majority of which is local in origin, is essential for comparing their writing to that found in the parchment and papyrus scrolls. Carbon dating of wood from a coffin and a date kernel has established the period in which the alleged Essenes may have lived and died--the latter once a source of contradiction. The burial beads do not fit in the Essene context. The study of the metal objects provides background for research on Roman metallurgy in this part of the world. Finally, analysis of the mortar used for the water cisterns opens a new dimension in the study of the domestic activities at Qumran. It is hoped, furthermore, that after new hypotheses based on the archaeology of Qumran are formulated, the exegesis of the Dead Sea Scrolls will be able to profit from these scientific results, thus shedding new light on the interpretation of the texts.Table of ContentsPrefaceJ. -B. HumbertIntroductionJ. Gunneweg1. The Provenance of the Pottery I. Neutron Activation Analysis Scroll Jars and Common Ware J. Gunneweg, M. Balla Supplement: Archeological Data Analysis (Data Mining), by L. Balazs II. The Provenance of Scroll Jars in the Light of Archaeometric Investigations J. Michniewicz, M. Krzysko III. On the Provenance and Firing Temperature of the Pottery K. L. Rasmussen2. The Cemeteries IV. Reassessment of Controversial Studies on the Cemetery J. Norton V. Anthropological Analysis of the Human Remains: The French Collection S. Guise Sheridan, J. Ullinger, J. Ramp VI. Jewellery Finds from the Cemetery C. Clamer VII. Preliminary Data of Trace Element Concentrations in Human Bone Samples K. L. Rasmussen, R. Gwozdz, J. E. Taylor, G. Doudna3. Chronology and New Carbon 14 Dates VIII. Radiocarbon Datings of Material from the Excavation J. Van Der Plicht, K. L. Rasmussen, J. Glastrup, J. E. Taylor, G. Doudna IX. New Radiocarbon Determination T. Higham, J. E. Taylor, D. Green X. Archaeological Synthesis of the New Radiocarbon Datings J. E. Taylor, G. Doudna4. The Textiles XI. Des textiles, catalogues et commentaires M. Belis XII. Identification of the Textiles Using Microscopy and Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Fibre Diffraction M. Muller, M. Z. Papiz, D. T. Clarke, M. A. Roberts, B. M. Murphy, M. Burghammer, C. Riekel, E. Pantos, J. Gunneweg Annexe: Fibres in Miscellaneous Samples from a Site in the Dead Sea Region, By P. W. Rogers5. Ritual Baths and Pools XIII. Plastered Pools, A New Perspective K. Galor XIV. An Archaeometric Study of Plasters from the Water Installations A. E. Shimron6. Inscriptions and Graffiti XV. Inscriptions du khirbeh, des grottes et de 'Ain Feshkha A. Lemaire XVI. Possible Connection Between the Inscriptions on Pottery, the Ostraca and Scrolls Found in the Caves J. Gunneweg, M. Balla7. Metals Investigations XVII. L'amas metallique KhQ 960 N. Lacoudre assist de C. Degrigny, . de Lavergne, M. Drieux 8. Revised Caves List XVIII. Revision commentée des differents systemes de numerotation M. Belis9. Reassessment of the Archeoogy XIX. Reconsideration of the Archaeological Interpretation J. -B. Humbert The Chronology During the First Century B.C., de Vaux and his Method: a Debate J. -B. Humbert XX. Catalogue des blocs d'architecture localises ou erratiques A. Chambon XXI. Arguments en faveur d'une residence pre-essenienne J. -B. Humbert
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