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EPOS: Reconsidering Greek Epic and Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology (Sarah P Morris Robert Laffineur (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Aegaeum, 2007) 9781935488217
EPOS: Reconsidering Greek Epic and Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology (Sarah P Morris Robert Laffineur (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Aegaeum, 2007) 9781935488217
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Title: EPOS: Reconsidering Greek Epic and Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology

Author: Morris, Sarah P Robert Laffineur (eds)

Publisher: Aegaeum; Publication Date: 2007

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781935488217

Volumes: 1; Pages: 273

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Preface and AcknowledgmentsList of abbreviationsEPOS AND LOGOS: HOMER AND TROY; Malcolm WIENER; Homer and History: Old Questions, New Evidence; Marianna NIKOLAIDOU and Dimitra KOKKINIDOU; Epos, History, Metahistory in Aegean Bronze Age Studies; Maureen BASEDOW; Troy without Homer: the Bronze Age-Iron Age Transition in the Troad; Sarah P. MORRIS; Troy Between Bronze and Iron Ages: Myth, Cult and Memory in a Sacred LandscapeEPOS AND EIKON: ART, POETRY AND WRITINGJohn YOUNGER; The Mycenaean Bard: The Evidence for Sound and Song; ; Robert LAFFINEUR; Homeric Similes: A Bronze Age Background?; ; Edmund F. BLOEDOW; Homer and the depas amphikypellon; ; L. Vance WATROUS; The Fleet Fresco, the Odyssey and Greek Epic Narrative; ; Andreas VLACHOPOULOS; Mythos, Logos and Eikon. Motifs of Early Greek Poetry in the Wall Paintings of Xeste 3WANAX AND BASILEUS: RULERSHIP IN HOMER AND ARCHAEOLOGYPierre CARLIER; Are the Homeric Basileis 'Big Men'?; ; Thomas G. PALAIMA; Mycenaean Society and Kingship: Cui Bono? A Counter-Speculative View; ; Bryan E. BURNS; Epic Reconstructions: Homeric Palaces and Mycenaean Architecture; Brendan BURKE; Gordion of Midas and the Homeric AgeEric H. CLINE and Assaf YASUR-LANDAU; Poetry in Motion: Canaanite Rulership and Minoan Narrative Art at Tel KabriBEYOND ELITE: HOMERIC SOCIETY AND ARCHAEOLOGYKim S. SHELTON; Foot Soldiers and Cannon Fodder: The Underrepresented Majority of the Mycenaean Civilization; ; Helene WHITTAKER; Sacrificial Practice and Warfare in Homer and in the Bronze Age; ; Andrea GUZETTI; Homer and the Dorians: The Reasons For a Missed EncounterEPOS AND MYTHOSErnestine S. ELSTER; Odysseys Before Homer: Trade, Travel, and Adventure in Prehistoric Greece; ; Cynthia S. COLBURN; The Symbolic Significance of Distance in the Homeric Epics and the Bronze Age Aegean; ; Fritz BLAKOLMER; The Silver Battle Krater from Shaft Grave IV at Mycenae:; Evidence of Fighting "Heroes" on Minoan Palace Walls at Knossos?; ; Massimo PERNA; Homer and the "Folded Wooden Tablets"EPOS AND TOPOS: HOMERIC LANDSCAPESOliver DICKINSON; Aspects of Homeric Geography; ; Philip P. BETANCOURT; The Amnissos Cave: Poetry Meets Reality; Aleydis VAN DE MOORTEL; The Site of Mitrou and East Lokris in "Homeric Times"; Anne P. CHAPIN and Louise A. HITCHCOCK; Homer and Laconian Topography: This Is What the Book Says, and This Is What the Land Tells Us; ; Naya SGOURITSA; Myth, Epos and Mycenaean Attica: The Evidence Reconsidered.
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