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Decalogue and its Cultural Influence (Dominik Markl (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2013) 9781909697065
Decalogue and its Cultural Influence (Dominik Markl (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2013) 9781909697065
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Title: The Decalogue and its Cultural Influence

Author: Markl, Dominik (ed)

Publisher: Sheffield Phoenix Press; Publication Date: 2013

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781909697065

Volumes: 1; Pages: 400

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Reception history is one of the most inviting, yet also one of the most difficult, fields in the study of the Bible today. It is difficult because it involves so many layers of expertise. The reception-historian does not only need a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the biblical text itself, but also familiarity with the cultures and intellectual background of the many diverse ages in which it has been read and appropriated; and in addition needs to be versed in media other than writing, including the visual and performing arts.But it is inviting because it carries its practitioners so far beyond the confines of ordinary textual study, with its concern for language and text, and out into an ocean of interdisciplinary engagement with writings that have, after all, stimulated the imaginations as well as the intellects of generations of religious (and non-religious) readers. The Decalogue is an obvious candidate for a reception-historical treatment. It has acquired over the centuries an enormous weight of commentary, and has been assimilated into the most varied cultures. Though a text, it has often also been an icon, appearing on walls in churches and now even in American courthouses. The subject was ripe for study, and the conference at which the papers in this book were delivered marked a significant milestone in biblical reception history (from John Barton's Preface to the volume).The 21 papers in this volume offer the richest and most wide-ranging interdisciplinary collection of studies on the reception of the Decalogue in culture, and will prove to be a fundamental resource for students of the biblical text and of the reception of the Bible in general.ContentsJohn BartonPrefaceDominik MarklInterdisciplinary Perspectives on the Decalogue's Cultural RadiancePART ONE: ANTIQUITY - BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS AND EARLY DEVELOPMENTS1. Dominik MarklThe Ten Words Revealed and Revised:The Origins of Law and Legal Hermeneutics in the Pentateuch2. Innocent HimbazaThe Reception History of the Decalogue through Early Translations:The Case of Septuagint, Peshitta and Targums3. J. Cornelis de VosThe Decalogue in Pseudo-Phocylides and Syriac Menander:'Unwritten Laws' or Decalogue Reception?4. Hermut L�hrThe Decalogue in the New Testament Apocrypha: A Preliminary Overview and Some ExamplesPART TWO: MIDDLE AGES - LITURGY, HOMILY AND THEOLOGY5. Miguel Lluch BaixauliThe Decalogue in Western Theology from the Church Fathers to the Thirteenth Century6. Ruth LangerThe Decalogue in Jewish Liturgy7. Aaron J KleistVernacular Treatments of the Ten Commandments in Anglo-Saxon England8. Ralph LeeThe Ten Commandments in the Ethiopic Tradition9. Randall B. SmithThomas Aquinas on the Ten Commandments and the Natural LawPART THREE: WORLDWIDE DISSEMINATION IN EARLY MODERN CATECHISMS AND CATECHESIS10. Ian GreenThe Dissemination of the Decalogue in English and Lay Responses to its Promotion in Early Modern English Protestantism11. Jonathan WillisRepurposing the Decalogue in Reformation England12. Hans-J�rgen FraasThe Reception of the Decalogue in the Protestant Catechisms13. James F. KeenanThe Decalogue and the Moral Manual Tradition: From Trent to Vatican II14. Luis ResinesThe Decalogue in American Catechisms of the Sixteenth Century15. Veronika ThumThe Decalogue in Late Medieval and Early Modern Imagery: Catechetical Purpose and Theological ImplicationsPART FOUR: INTERPRETATIONS AND TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE EIGHTEENTH TO TWENTY-FIRST CENTURIES16. Christopher Rowland?The Law of Ten Commandments?: William Blake and the Decalogue17. Luciane BeduschiJoseph Haydn?s Die heiligen zehn Gebote als Canons and Sigismund Neukomm's Das Gesetz des alten Bundes, oder die Gesetzgebung auf Sina�: Exemplification of Changes in Musical Settings of the Ten Commandments during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries18. Gerhard LauerThe Law and the Artist in the Age of Extremes: On Thomas Mann's Das Gesetz19. David J.A. ClinesThe Decalogue: The Scholarly Tradition Critiqued20. Lloyd BaughThe Reception of the Decalogue in Film: Krzysztof Kieslowski's Decalogue21. Steven WilfThe Ten Commandments and the Problem of Legal Transplants in Contemporary America
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