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To Set at Liberty: Essays on Early Christianity and Its Social World in Honor of John H. Elliott (Stephen K Black (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2014) 9781907534928
To Set at Liberty: Essays on Early Christianity and Its Social World in Honor of John H. Elliott (Stephen K Black (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2014) 9781907534928
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Title: To Set at Liberty: Essays on Early Christianity and Its Social World in Honor of John H. Elliott

Author: Black, Stephen K (eds)

Publisher: Sheffield Phoenix Press; Publication Date: 2014

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781907534928

Volumes: 1; Pages: 412

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John H. (Jack) Elliott, Professor Emeritus of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Francisco, is one of the founding figures of social-scientific criticism and its application to biblical interpretation as well as to the interpretation of other ancient literature.In this tribute 21 well-known practitioners of social-science criticism build on and advance various aspects of Elliott's work and methodology. Norman Gottwald retraces the evolution of social-scientific criticism and its significance, David Aune examines the term magic as a socio-religious category, Scott Bartchy writes on Paul's tenuous authority in Corinth, Alicia Batten looks at the characterization of the rich in the Epistle of James, Stephen Black studies the ethnic identity of John Chrysostom's congregation in fourth-century Antioch, Zeba Crook explores memory theory in Luke's Gospel, Richard DeMaris applies ritual studies to Mark's Gospel, Jonathan Draper examines the role of purity and pollution in the story of the rich ran and Lazarus, Dennis Duling explores smell as a neglected dimension of social-scientific studies in ancient and biblical literature, Philip Esler looks at the possible role of Psalm of Solomon 17 in the death of Jesus, David Horrell re-examines aspects of the social strategy of 1 Peter, Ralph Klein explores attitudes to imperial authority in Bel and the Dragon and Daniel, Stuart Love applies anthropological studies on spirit aggression to Luke's Gospel, and James Mackey challenges traditional theological notions of Jesus? divine identity as well as traditional historical interpretations of Jesus' trial.In other chapters, Bruce Malina examines the term 'author' and questions its appropriateness as a term for ancient writers, Halvor Moxnes looks at the historical Jesus beyond the traditional ethnic and nationalist identity models that have informed scholarship on the subject, John Pilch establishes a model for understanding the social and psychological development of ancient figures like Jesus, Richard Rohrbaugh looks at the role of genealogy in the New Testament and its world, Herman Waetjen argues that the Jubilee stands as background and context in the parable of the wicked tenants, Robert Wilken demonstrates the role and use of 1 Peter 2.13-17 in second-century martyr accounts, and Ritva Williams advocates an ideological critique in examining the parable of the shrewd steward.Table of ContentsStephen K. Black, IntroductionNorman K. Gottwald, John H. Elliott: An EncomiumDavid E. Aune, The Use of the Term 'Magic' as a Socio-Religious Category in the Study of the Greco-Roman World and Early ChristianityS. Scott Bartchy, 'Stickless' in Corinth: How Paul Sought To Recover his AuthorityAlicia J. Batten, The Characterization of the Rich in James 5Stephen K. Black, Ethnic Judeans and Christian Identity Formation in John Chrysostom's Adversus JudaeosZeba A. Crook, Manufacturing Memory and Community: Luke 7.36-50 as a Test CaseRichard E. Demaris, The Gospel of Mark as a Therapeutic Ritual ScriptJonathan A. Draper, Disease, Table and Economy in Luke 16.19-31Dennis C. Duling, Following your Nose: Social Historical and Social-Scientific Directions in New Testament OsmologyPhilip F. Esler, Beware the Messiah! Psalm of Solomon 17 and the Death of JesusDavid G. Horrell, 'Honour Everyone?' (1 Pet. 2.17): The Social Strategy of 1 Peter and its Significance For Early ChristianityRalph W. Klein, Resist the King! The Attitude Toward the Emperor in Bel and the Dragon and in Daniel 1-6Stuart L. Love, Spirit Aggression in the Gospel according to LukeJames P. Mackey, What Do the Twin Trials of Jesus Tell Us about Who and What He Was and Was Not?Bruce J. Malina, Were There 'Authors' in New Testament Times?Halvor Moxnes, Jesus beyond Nationalism - in Light of TerrorismJohn J. Pilch, Cross-Cultural Psychology and the Bible: A Model for Understanding Jesus' Psychological DevelopmentRichard L. Rohrbaugh, The Social Function of Genealogies in the New Testament and its WorldHerman C. Waetjen, Intimation of the Year of Jubilee in the Parable of the Wicked TenantsRobert L. Wilken, 1 Peter 2.13-17 and MartyrdomRitva H. Williams, The Interests of the Shrewd Steward and his Interpreters
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