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Echoes of Friendship in the Gospel of John (Martin M Culy) Hardcover Book, (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2010) 9781907534102
Echoes of Friendship in the Gospel of John (Martin M Culy) Hardcover Book, (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2010) 9781907534102
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Title: Echoes of Friendship in the Gospel of John

Author: Culy, Martin M

Publisher: Sheffield Phoenix Press; Publication Date: 2010

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781907534102

Volumes: 1; Pages: 238

List Price in Cloth: $95.00 Our price: $75.99

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Friendship in the Graeco-Roman world took a wide variety of forms, with some ?friendships? involving nothing more than a political alliance or patron?client relationship and others involving deep personal intimacy. When Jesus says his disciples are to be called ?friends?, what type of friendship does he have in mind?Friendship may seem a relatively insignificant motif in the Gospel of John, since the author does not explicitly set out to provide a philosophical discourse on the nature of friendship, nor does he explicitly state that the narrative is about friendship. In this study, however, Culy, having carefully examined Graeco-Roman literature on friendship, demonstrates that the language of what he calls ?ideal friendship? actually pervades the Fourth Gospel from beginning to end and serves as a primary vehicle for characterizing the relationships that are introduced in the Prologue and fleshed out throughout the course of the narrative.Taking up the friendship motif as a tool of characterization, the Gospel of John points to a striking implication of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus: that followers of Jesus are invited to enjoy a level of intimacy with him that can actually, and perhaps only, be compared to the level of intimacy that he enjoys with the Father. The Johannine Jesus, then, came not just to save the world but also to offer those who would follow him a relationship that Graeco-Roman philosophers only dreamed of, a relationship where all the ingredients of ideal friendship were present.Contents1. FRIENDSHIP, LITERARY MOTIFS, AND THE AUTHORIAL AUDIENCERecent Studies on FriendshipAn Eclectic ApproachThe Friendship Motif and Authorial ReadingLiterary Approaches to Non-Literary TextOverview of This Study2. FRIENDSHIP IN THE ANCIENT MEDITERRANEAN WORLDMethodological ConsiderationsThe Implied Readers of the Fourth GospelGreco-Roman Views of Friendship3. FRIENDSHIP IN THE FOURTH GOSPEL: JESUS AND THE FATHERFriends and FamilyThe PrologueIdentity, Knowledge, and (Mis)Understanding in the Fourth GospelJesus? Relationship with the FatherThe Holy Spirit?s Relationship to the Father, Son, and Followers of JesuConclusion4. FRIENDSHIP IN THE FOURTH GOSPEL: JESUS AND HIS FOLLOWERSJesus and his FriendsEchoes of Friendship in the Upper RoomReading John 15:13-15 in ContextFriendship in John 18-21Conclusion5. READING THE GOSPEL OF JOHN AS AUTHORIAL AUDIENCE
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