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Fiery Holy Spirit: The Spirit's Relationship with Judgment in Luke - Acts (Jonathan Kienzler) Paperback Book, (Deo Publishing, 2015) 9781905679256

Title: Fiery Holy Spirit: The Spirit's Relationship with Judgment in Luke - Acts

Author: Kienzler, Jonathan

Publisher: Deo Publishing; Publication Date: 2015

Paperback; ISBN: 9781905679256

Volumes: 1; Pages: 254

List Price in Paper: $37.95 Our price: $37.95

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The baptism with the Spirit and fire has been a major area of study by theologians and has been pursued by the historical church seeking God's holiness and power; yet its relationship to judgment has often been ignored. This book explores the Holy Spirit's relationship with judgment in Luke-Acts through seven texts: Luke 3:16-17; 12:8-10; Acts 5:1-11; 7:51; 8:18-23; 13:9-11; 28:25-28. In these texts, the Holy Spirit is connected with fire, unforgiveness, deception, resistance, greed, blindness, or condemnation. In each instance, Luke's presentation is examined to determine the Spirit's role in the process of judgment. Through the Spirit, Jesus judges, cleanses, purges, and divides his people from the world. Luke portrays the Spirit as the executive power of Jesus' reign as judge, exposing, opposing, and condemning those who reject the gospel.

This important treatment of an under-studied aspect of the work of the Holy Spirit according to Luke-Acts will be useful to New Testament scholars and students, particularly those interested in pneumatology.
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