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Out of Place: Doing Theology on the Crosscultural Brink (Jione Havea) Hardcover Book, (Acumen Publishing, 2011) 9781845533892

Title: Out of Place: Doing Theology on the Crosscultural Brink

Author: Havea, Jione

Additional Authors or Contributors: Clive Pearson (eds)

Publisher: Acumen Publishing; Publication Date: 2011

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781845533892

Volumes: 1; Pages: 224

List Price in Hardcover: $99.95 Our price: $80.99

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Out of Place looks at the ways in which theology, as a discipline and a practice, is "out of place" at several locations: churches, nations, communities, disciplines, institutions, and in public space. It contains several reflections on what it means to be out of place in both theory and in reality, from views and realities that are out of place from the dominant theological stream. Together the contributions in this volume aim to show that for theology to transform and be transformative, it must come out of place and attend to peoples and cultures (understood broadly) that have thus far been out of place.

The contributions in this book uphold the key convictions that theologies are shaped by place and they are unavoidably contextual so that no theology can encompass all places and contexts. Therefore it is necessary for our spatially-defined theologies to cross, intersect and interweave and thus seek to embrace "places" that have not been acknowledged or expressed.


Foreword by Anthony Reddie

1. Jione Havea Welcome

2. Peter Matheson (Knox Theological Hall, New Zealand) A Woman Out of Place: Argula von Stauff

3. Joerg Rieger (Southern Methodist University, USA) Alternative Images of God in the Global Economy

4. V�tor Westhelle (Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago) Displacing Identities: Hybrid Distinctiveness in Theology and Literature

5. Clive Pearson Out of Place with Jesus-Christ

6. Fumitaka Matsuoka (Pacific School of Religion, Graduate Theological Union, USA) Holy Amphiboly: Prolegomena of Asian American Theology

7. Namsoon Kang (Texas Christian University) Out of Places: Asian Feminist Theology of Dislocation

8. Hisako Kinukawa (Center for Feminist Theology and Ministry in Japan) Re-covering, Re-membering and Re-conciling the History of "Comfort Women"

9. Albert W. Jebanesan (Theological College of Lanka, Sri Lanka) Integration and Disintegration of Tamils in London Diaspora

10. Gerald O. West (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) Newsprint Theology: Bible in the Context of HIV and AIDS

11. Jacqueline Grey (Southern Cross College, Australia) Isaiah 53 and the Suffering-less Servant in Australian Pentecostalism

12. Anastasia Boniface-Malle (United Bible Societies, Kenya) How Can we Sing the Lord's Song in Africa?

13. Joseph Mathew (Church of South India) Retelling Tamar's Story (2 Samuel 13:1-22) in Postcolonial Terms

14. Mercedes L. Garc�a Bachmann (Superior Evang�lico de Estudio Teol�gicos, Argentina) What is in a Name? Abishag the Shunnamite as sokenet in 1 Kings 1:1-4

15. Jione Havea Return, Medium of En-dor

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