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Working Against the Grain: Re-imaging Black Theology in the 21st Century (Anthony G Reddie) Hardcover Book, (Acumen Publishing, 2008) 9781845533854

Title: Working Against the Grain: Re-imaging Black Theology in the 21st Century

Author: Reddie, Anthony G

Publisher: Acumen Publishing; Publication Date: 2008

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781845533854

Volumes: 1; Pages: 292

List Price in Hardcover: $99.95 Our price: $80.99

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The essays in Working Against the Grain are linked in their attempt to outline a new vision for a liberative model of Christianity built upon the insights of Black Theology.

Christianity has long remained something of a conundrum for Black and other oppressed peoples of the world. This global phenomenon has been both the cause of violence and oppression on the subjugated, dispossessed and marginalised peoples of the world, whilst conversely, being a source for counter-oppressive struggle. Black Christianity has sought to respond to the vicissitudes of life by seeking solace in the redemptive figure of Christ who has accompanied Black people in their ongoing struggles for human dignity and liberation. Black theology, working from within a largely Christian framework has sought to offer the much needed tools for this process of re-imaging human life, death and possibilities for a new world. This radical challenge has appeared of late, to have "run into the sand" as the continued rise of charismatic, conservative neo-Pentecostalism seems to have displaced whatever foothold Black theology once had in the theology and working practices of predominantly Diasporan African churches and faith communities.

Working Against the Grain argues that a re-imagined Black theology can enable Christianity in particular, and Black Christian faith in general to recapture the radical intent of this globalized religious framework. It offers a radical Black theology that simultaneously seeks to empower marginalized and disenfranchised Black people alongside the need to challenge and inspire White power to see and act differently. Given its roots in education and theology this book is an essential text for all those interested in the pursuit of racial justice and other forms of anti-oppressive practice, both inside the church and beyond it. By attempting to re-imagine Black theology, Working Against the Grain begins to sketch a tentative terrain for the mapping of a new form of Christianity for the 21st century. A form of Christian faith built upon the insights of Black theology.


1. Working Against The Grain

2. A Black Theological Approach to Reconciliation

3. Re-thinking Black Biblical Hermeneutics

4. Jesus as a Black Hero

5. A Black Theological Christmas Story

6. Black Churches as counter-cultural agencies

7. Violence Against The Other

8. A Biblical and Theological Case for Reparations

9. What is the point of this?

10. Peace and Justice Through Black Christian Education

11. A Black Theology Approach to Dealing with HIV/AIDS

12. Making The Difference!

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