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Nature of Creation: Examining the Bible and Science (Mark Harris) Hardcover Book, (Acumen Publishing, 2013) 9781845532642

Title: Nature of Creation: Examining the Bible and Science

Author: Harris, Mark

Publisher: Acumen Publishing; Publication Date: 2013

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781845532642

Volumes: 1; Pages: 224

List Price in Hardcover: $90.00 Our price: $72.99

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Despite the widespread perception that science and theology are at odds with each other, there is a flourishing dialogue growing up between them. This is helped by the fact that they both operate in similar ways: basic observations are used to construct a more unified and harmonious view of the way things are thought to be. The Bible makes up a crucial collection of these basic observations, and many scientific ?explanations? of the stories of creation, and of stories of miracles (such as the crossing of the Red Sea) have been made, often with the intention of making them more believable in our modern world. And yet, the past few centuries of biblical research have shown repeatedly that its texts are highly resistant to being harmonised or packaged in this way. What is more, by their nature, scientific studies of the Bible tend to destabilise the theological function of the narratives as records of divine salvation. It is the purpose of this book to use the discoveries of science in a more positive and creative way, developing a vocabulary which enriches our appreciation of the multiform witness of the Bible to God?s work in the world. The book looks critically at a number of key scientific studies of the Bible and its theological concepts, focussing especially on the theme of creation. It is anticipated that a future volume which broadens the scope to discuss miracles will produced in due course. As well as the ongoing act of creation, and biblical miracles, topics such as the relationship between creationism and modern science is explored, together with modern understandings of the doctrine of Christ, where the relationship between science and theology comes most clearly to a head.


1. Introduction

* The Bible as evidence

* The rise of science and the fall of religion

* The Bible and history

* Methodologies for studying the Bible

* Methodologies for the natural sciences

* Parallels and contrasts between the natural sciences and biblical studies

* Science and miracle, faith and doubt

2. A Scientific Theology of the Bible

* Scientists, the Bible, and creationists: The slippery slope to literalism

* Literalism versus scepticism: Scientific writing and biblical scholarship

* The Incarnation - the special question of Christ

* Combining the methodologies of science, history, and biblical theology

* Scientific Theology and the Bible

3. Creation

* The modern scientific view of the world - space and time

* Modern scientific accounts of beginnings

* Some first consequences for reading the Bible - "contingency" and emergence

* Biblical theologies of creation

* Biblical creation and modern science

* Scientific eschatology - models of the end of the world

* Eschatology in the Bible - the "new creation"

* Creation and the question of God's action in the world

* Miracles "special acts of creation"

* Who is God-the-Creator "What does the Bible, and what might science, tell us"

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