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4Q Pesher Nahum: A Critical Edition (Gregory L Doudna) Hardcover Book, (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2002) 9781841271569
4Q Pesher Nahum: A Critical Edition (Gregory L Doudna) Hardcover Book, (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2002) 9781841271569
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Title: 4Q Pesher Nahum: A Critical Edition

Author: Doudna, Gregory L

Publisher: Bloomsbury T & T Clark; Publication Date: 2002

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781841271569

Volumes: 1; Pages: 836

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4Q Pesher Nahum has long been considered one of the most important Qumran texts for understanding the historical context of the Scrolls. Doudna's comprehensive critical edition presents new readings and undertakes extensive analysis and reconstruction of broken text. Areas of focus include text-critical implications, scribal practices, and formal and composition patterns common throughout the Qumran pesharim. An outcome of this work sure to attract attention is its demonstration that the mysterious +Lion of Wrath' figure of the text is not the Hasmonaean king Alexander Jannaeus, as almost universally held. Rather, Pesher Nahum portrays a coming conquest from the +Kittim', and the +Lion of Wrath' is a Nebuchadnezzar-like foreign invader coming to deliver the wrath of God on a sinful Israel. There is also an Appendix: +Was Hyrcanus II the Teacher of Righteousness and Were the Scrolls Deposited in the Caves near Qumran in 40 bce?'


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1 The Reconstruction of Pesher Nahum: Preliminary Considerations and Methods

2 Peshers One to Five (I)

3 Peshers Six to Ten (I)

4 Peshers Eleven to Fourteen (I)

5 Peshers Fifteen to Twenty-Six (I)

6 Vacats, or Much Ado About Nothing

7 Wordplay in Pesher Nahum

8 Peshers One to Five (II), 'The Height of Wickedness'

9 Peshers Six to Seven (II), 'It will be Trampled'

10 Pesher Eight (II), 'He will Smite'

11 Pesher Nine (II), 'He will Hang up Alive'

12 Pesher Ten (II), 'Israel will be Given to be a Spoil'

13 Peshers Eleven to Fourteen (II), 'No End to Counting their Slain'

14 Peshers Fifteen to Twenty-Six (II), 'Their Counsel will be Destroyed'

15 4Q Pesher Hosea[superscript b], the Lion of Wrath, and the Last Priest

16 Ephraim and Manasseh in Pesher Nahum

17 Themes of Coming Conquest in Pesher Nahum, and Other Comments on the Study of the Pesharim

18 Date of Composition of Pesher Nahum

19 Pompey and the Fall of Aristobulus II

App. A Palaeography and the Dating of Individual Qumran Manuscripts

App. B Was Hyrcanus II the Teacher of Righteousness and were the Scrolls Deposited in the Caves Near Qumran in 40 B.C.E?

The Reconstructed Text of 4QpNah in Hebrew and English


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