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One Text, a Thousand Methods: Studies in Memory of Sjef Van Tilborg (Patrick Chatelion Counet) Paperback Book, (SBL Press, 2016) 9781628371468

Title: One Text, a Thousand Methods: Studies in Memory of Sjef Van Tilborg

Author: Counet, Patrick Chatelion

Additional Authors or Contributors: Ulrich Berges (eds)

Publisher: SBL Press; Publication Date: 2016

Paperback; ISBN: 9781628371468

Volumes: 1; Pages: 376

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Essays in this volume describe the shift in biblical exegesis within the last several decades from the interpretation of biblical texts as the outcome of historical development, or diachronic methodology, to the exploration of the text as the result of a reading process rather than a historical process, or synchronic methodology. Each essay examines a text from the Old or New Testament through the lens of one of the many modern synchronic methods used in postmodern literary interpretation. The methods discussed include ideology criticism, semantic and poetic analysis, cognitive linguistics, drama theory, narratology, deconstruction, and anthropology and intertextuality. The authors of this work challenge biblical scholars not to just perform exegesis, but to explore the methods and aims underlying their interpretations.



Pt. 1 Old Testament

1 The violence of God in the book of Lamentations

2 Obdurate short-sightedness in the valley of vision: how atonement of iniquity is forfeited (Isa 22:1-14)

3 One day, three days, and forty days in the book of Jonah

4 Psalm 69: a composition-critical contribution

5 A struggle with God: poetics and theology of Psalm 35

6 Isaiah's roles: the unity of a Bible book from the perspective of the sender-role

7 Cognitive linguistics and its application to Genesis 28:10-22

8 "Hearing voices while reading": Isaiah 40-55 as a drama

Pt. 2 New Testament

9 Resolving communication disturbances in Luke 12:35-48 through narratology

10 No anti-Judaism in the fourth gospel: a deconstruction of readings of John 8

11 What on Earth (or in heaven) is a resurrected body?: the outline of a historical-anthropological answer

12 Acts 8:26-40: Philip baptizes the Ethiopian: narrative and pragmatic-linguistic aspects

13 The rhetorical analysis of Galatians: is there another way?

14 Style criticism and the fourth gospel

15 Intertextuality: traces of mysticism

Pt. 3 Biography and bibliography

Sjef van Tilborg: a short biography

Bibliography of Sjef van Tilborg

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