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Text and Tradition in Performance and Writing (Richard A Horsley) Paperback Book, (Cascade Books, 2013) 9781625641588
Text and Tradition in Performance and Writing (Richard A Horsley) Paperback Book, (Cascade Books, 2013) 9781625641588
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Title: Text and Tradition in Performance and Writing

Author: Horsley, Richard A

Publisher: Cascade Books; Publication Date: 2013

Paperback; ISBN: 9781625641588

Volumes: 1; Pages: 366

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Embedded in modern print culture, biblical scholars have been projecting the assumptions and concepts of print culture onto the texts they interpret. In the ancient world from which those texts originate, however, literacy was confined to only a small number of educated scribes. And, as recent research has shown, even the literate scribes learned texts by repeated recitation, while the nonliterate ordinary people had little if any direct contact with written scrolls.

The texts that had taken distinctive form, moreover, were embedded in a broader and deeper cultural repertoire cultivated orally in village communities as well as in scribal circles. Only recently have some scholars struggled to appreciate texts that later became biblical in their own historical context of oral communication.

Exploration of texts in oral performance - whether as scribal teachers' instruction to their prot?g?s or as prophetic speeches of Jesus of Nazareth or as the performance of a whole Gospel story in a community of Jesus-loyalists requires interpreters to relinquish their print-cultural assumptions. Widening exploration of texts in oral performance in other fields offers exciting new possibilities for allowing those texts to come alive again in their community contexts as they resonated with the cultural tradition in which they were embedded.

Table of Contents:

Introduction -- Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations -- 1. Oral Communication, Oral Performance, and New Testament Interpretation -- 2. The Origins of the Hebrew Scriptures under Imperial Rule: Numinous Writing and Ceremonial Performance -- 3. Oral-Written Scribal Cultivation of Torah-Not Re-Written Bible -- 4. Oral Composition-and-Performance of the Instructional Speeches of Ben Sira -- 5. Contesting Authority: Popular vs. Scribal Tradition in Continuing Performance -- 6. Israelite Tradition and the Speeches of Jesus in Q -- 7. Hearing Q/Luke 12:2-12 as Oral Performance -- 8. The Speeches of Yeshua ben Sira-and the Speeches of Yeshua bar Marya -- 9. The Language(s) of the Kingdom: From Aramaic to Greek and Galilee to Syria -- 10. Oral Performance and the Gospel of Mark -- 11. Imagining Marks Story Composed in Oral Performance -- 12. Oral Performance in the Emergence of the Gospel of Mark as Scripture -- Epilogue -- Bibliography -- Subject Index -- Index of Texts Discussed and of References to Ancient Texts.
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